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Capitalism is Evil

Writer and historian Menes Amenra speaks on the evils of CAPITALISM and the effects on the African Continent and Black America.


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  1. Radio Shrine1:27 AM+1

    Yes Capitalism isn’t working, but those in charge aren’t listening. The thing that makes ‘Time Come’ a classic is that even though it refers to a specific time and place when riots occurred, it is also timeless and universal in its “warning”. Unfortunately the authorities never listen; they only react when there is another uprising. In the last three decades, countless artists of different origins and social callings have lent their voices to this “warning” and yet the authorities fail to do something about the root cause of such uprising. To mention a few, Steel Pulse’s “Hanswort Revolution”, Bob Marley’s “Burning and Looting”, Nyabinghi “Burn Down Babylon”, Fela Kuti’s “Everything Scatter” and we must not forget Birmingham’s march for peace against gun shootings within and around the community.
    Femi Kuti also sang in “Fight to Win”: “There is suffering in the streets! Our leaders say let it be! We the people don’t agree! For these suffering there is no need! But they’ll wait until there is revolution everywhere! Burning of properties! More homeless people lying in the streets…”
    While the authorities fail to address the root-cause, every uprising seems to be more devastating than those preceding. The 2012 uprising in UK was described as the greatest violence on the streets of Britain since the last three decades.

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