From 1776 to 2008 Americans elected white presidents, since the civil rights movement African Americans participated in electing white presidents. President Barack Obama was elected first African American president in 2008 and reelected in 2012, since then the conservatives have blamed him for everything from the economy, terrorism, the Central American children at the Texas border to Ebola.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and the Republican Party claimed President Barack Obama is responsible for the children fleeing war and poverty in their homeland (Central America) because he encouraged them to come. They blamed President Obama for ISIS, a war they started.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

The conservatives blamed President Barack Obama for Ebola and yesterday their leading mouthpiece Bill Kristol backed by Mary Matalin joined the chorus of conservatives calling for the quarantine of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. They asked all 2016 Republican presidential candidates beat President Obama with the Ebola whip, mind you President Obama is not running for office in 2016.

You see Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia have one thing in common they don’t have oil. Maybe by luck or design Nigeria the largest oil producer in Africa was able to contain the spread of Ebola. The WHO moved swiftly to declare Nigeria Ebola free, you see the US gets a big chunk of its oil from Nigeria.

During the SARS epidemic in Asia, the US did not quarantine China their “breadbasket” or any other affected countries in Asia they had strong economic ties to. Yes the World Health Organization showed up to contain the spread of SARS in Asia, the Africans are not so lucky.

The country affected the most by Ebola is Liberia, the only American colony in Africa, populated by descendants of American slaves. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky believes the Republicans can get a third of the African American vote in one circle if they play them the right songs. So Senator Rand Paul is on the road meeting “African American Leaders” playing them songs from his playlist while blaming President Obama for Ebola and for not quarantining the Africans, play on players.

Ogbeni Ayotunde