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Netanyahu The Block Bully

If only America gave the same amount of respect and honor it gives Israel to the Africans who built America they won’t have the leader of Israel go to America and publicly chastise and goat their President into a proxy war with Iran. Netanyahu is afraid President Obama is proving the Iranians seek peace while all he wants is war.

Americans should be outraged that a foreign leader is ordering them to send their children to die to protect a foreign land. Can the President of Iran come to Congress and yap the President? What kind of positive input can the Republicans have when they and Israel see Iran and President Obama as their common enemy?

They once spread that lie of Saddam owning weapons of mass destruction a lie that cost millions of Iraqi and thousands of American lives. They once had the Iranians and Iraqis killing themselves for 8 years now Netanyahu is paranoid the guns are pointing at him.

You see Netanyahu openly insulted the American people directed by that redneck plastic face John Boehner with the rest of his lynch mob Klan members only for the pleasure of insulting one black man. By the way what makes Israel so special that they can have nuclear weapons and Iran can’t.

This narrative should also include the dismantling of Israel’s nuclear capabilities, no agreement should be reached with Israel retaining their nuclear weapons. Iran should consider an attack by Israel on any of their facilities a provocation to war. If Netanyahu wants war I am sure the Iranians are ready and more than willing to oblige him with or without nuclear weapons. – Ogbeni Ayotunde

9 thoughts on “Netanyahu The Block Bully

  1. amen brother, Netanyahu is and has always been a provocateur, and right now he’s using everything he’s got in order to stay in power. elections are coming very soon to Israel..

  2. Netanyahu isn’t asking for war he’s just afraid Iran is going to attack Israel with nuclear weapons and probably win. Granted, most Israelis here are pretty pissed at Netanyahu for doing this speech and a myriad of other things. It’s all a ploy for election. A miscalculated ploy when if you ask me.

    1. it’s my impression that Netanyahu is usually asking for war, because he’s a basically a soldier like most of Israel’s leaders, and his whole campaign is based on the topic of security and defense. many Israelis are pissed off at him because he’s doing very little to improve the lives of ordinary citizens, while greatly improving the lives of the rich. I don’t know whether Iran is arming itself or not and for which use, and maybe a strike is needed. What I do know for sure is that Netanyahu should start cleaning up the mess in his own country, before dragging the U.S. to another bloody fight. Even though I’ve never been one of his supporters, I do recognize some of his virtues and he ain’t all bad, but he really has to deal with what’s going on in Israel instead of endlessly trying to convince the world of the dangers of Iran. there are actually quite a lot of Israelis and Iranians who are genuinely interested in peace, needless to say we will not hear about them on the news. the first and most important priority of Israel is to end the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. nothing really changed in that field.

      1. I agree. Israel could be such a great country but the apartheid needs to start coming to an end to achieve that.

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  4. arrogant, lying, politically craven netanyahu will not be in power much longer…they will vote him out in less than 2 weeks..everything that is wrong with world can be blamed on the CANCER known as neo-conservatives like netanyaho, george w. bush, and prick cheney…Their day will come just like mussolini’s and hitler’s..

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