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The Soul of America

The Soul of America

It is a fact that 100% of soldiers who fight in wars or was a POW suffer from some form of PTSD. It is also a known fact that after every war America was involved, American cities become littered with veterans suffering from PTSD reeking havoc on the civilian population and on themselves. After killing many innocent men, women, children and babies overseas based on misdirection from a corrupt political system these soldiers return home to the same corrupt system that denies them proper mental healthcare.

Senator John McCain fought in the American war against Vietnam where he was also a POW. John McCain was released from prison and rose to become a United States Senator by the power of nepotism. In the last 4 years Senator John McCain has used his bully pulpit to advocate American engagement by count in 12 more wars including in Syria, Libya, Iran, North Korea, and a return to Iraq to sacrifice more American lives all in an effort to control Iraqi oilfields.

Within 30miles of Washington DC are the communities of Baltimore, PG County, South East DC and thousands of cities spread across America with high rates of poverty, crime and HIV, while Senator John McCain is busy advocating sending more young Americans to die in foreign lands just to settle a score.

No American journalist, investigative reporter, or fellow lawmakers, have openly questioned Senator John McCain’s mental health. They turn a blind eye to the fact that Senator John McCain displays all the classic symptoms of someone suffering from Stockholm syndrome and PTSD. Senator John McCain was against the release of an American POW in Afghanistan in exchange for 5 Taliban soldiers for whatever twisted reasons he may have.

No one should go looking for Dick Cheney’s heart he is a dick without one. He sent 4500 American soldiers to their death, killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women, children and babies all to profit his company Halliburton. To date Dick Cheney has not displayed an ounce of guilt or remorse for the murders he committed. This man is going around beating the war drums to send more American young soldiers to their deaths again all in an effort to protect his ill-gotten oilfields in Iraq.

Dick Cheney invaded Iraq because he claimed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, played Pontius Pilate for the Iraqis in the hanging of Saddam Hussein all the while Vladimir Putin and the rest of the sane world told him he was wrong. Dick Cheney sits to the right of the Devil.

So why aren’t Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, John McCain, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of the neo-cons not at The Hague sharing prison cells with Charles Taylor as mass murderers and war criminals? Why was there no senate hearings or impeachment proceedings against these players for lying to the American people which eventually cost 4500 young American lives while hundreds of thousands of young Black men are serving mandatory minimums in the American Industrial Prison Complex, some doing stretches for enhanced misdemeanors

Dick Cheney, John McCain and the rest of the neo-con gangs continue to prove what the rest of the world believes, America is a bully whose lust for money, oil and blood overcomes any fear of God. Dick Chaney who was the American mastermind of 9/11 still continues to endanger American lives around the world.

United Nations defined by Fela Anikulapo Kuti as “Beast of no nation, egbe ke gbe na bad society” the American proxy for waging war against the rest of the world. You have the confused morons in senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who never fail to invoke the name of Ronald Reagan their patron saint. In the 80’s Reagan, Thatcher and Botha were the evil triangle.

Manuel Noriega, Ronald Reagan and Oliver North were busted in a drug deal gone bad. Reagan goes on to become the Republican Party god and North is a military hero signing books and kissing babies while Noriega might end up dying in prison.


18 thoughts on “The Soul of America

  1. Oh my! Utterly fantastic story! I totally agree. I think Americans are living in fear of our wicked, filthy, political nazi regime. We can either fight (a losing battle) against our government or leave the US. Better to leave and renounce our citizenship!
    Which I’m considering seriously!
    Great story, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you

  2. We must take care of our veterans, they have earned it.

  3. Very powerful post. I agree with most of your statements but think that there is a hidden story to the recent release of Bergdahl. I am holding my vote out on that one. I don’t think the deal should have been done.

  4. Good commentary and spot on – the real war criminals in the US, Europe and Australia never get touched.

  5. Wow. This is powerful, and I totally agree. I despair of the way war is urged for underhanded means, at the cost of so many innocents both at home and abroad. These forays into others lands have only fuelled the rise of extremism (and dont get me started on the so-called war on terror). As a Briton, I have often thought that Tony Blair is the devil incarnate, he should be in the Hague for the crimes he has committed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Nina

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