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Fulani Women in Tafa Kaduna Nigeria

Fulani Women

Fulani Women
Tafa Kaduna State Nigeria


7 thoughts on “Fulani Women in Tafa Kaduna Nigeria

  1. Love their colorful clothing and awed by how they carry themselves, their posture so erect. Necessary of course in order to carry such loads on their heads. I wonder if they get severe headaches and pains in their necks.

    1. This is centuries old traditional way of carrying loads on their heads. They use what is called “oja” a piece of cloth wrapped in a circle between their head and the load, this acts like a form of cushion or shock absorber. Then you have the Gwari’s who carry load on their neck/shoulder.

    2. Correction the piece of cloth is called Osuka and not Oja, Oja is mostly used by a woman to secure her baby while carrying her baby on her back, Wow used “her” 3 times in one sentence.

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