The Raw Organic Honey Beekeepers Collective of Nigeria was established to help local beekeepers gain access into the international honey market. Raw organic honey harvested by the Collective is free of Glyphosate, an active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, found in honey produced in the United States.

The FDA has found evidence that residues of the weed killer Roundup by Monsanto can be found in food that is not produced with its use. All the samples of honey tested by the FDA contained glyphosate residues, while some samples even showed residue levels that were double the limit allowed in the European Union. The levels of this toxic residue found in honey produced in the United States are worrisome and there is no way for beekeepers to control whether or not the chemical gets into the honey because they are not using it. It’s farmers that use Roundup who are to blame.

See slideshow below of the farming environment where our honey is harvested.

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Thankfully Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer is not used by local farmers in Nigeria, where farming is done without pesticides just manual labor, so the raw honey harvested by the Collective is free of Glyphosate or other toxins.

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Health benefits of raw organic honey

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