Roadside market scene in Ibillo, Edo Nigeria.


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A few days ago American comedian Tony Woods tweeted me to “stop taking pictures and help!” Well he is right, you see as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker it is impossible not to get affected by the lives of those I photograph and document.

I spent the last 3 months in Nigeria setting up collectives for the Hausa/Fulani women Langa Langa Women Kuli Kuli Collective, beekeepers, sesame seeds, millet, rice and beans collectives. My goal with these collectives is to place organic foods grown and made in Nigeria in every food store worldwide.

The Langa Langa Women Kuli Kuli Collective is designed to empower and improve the living conditions of these women. We are currently working on our app and online marketplace where you can order their kuli kuli from anywhere in the world.

An ultra modern kitchen facility will be built for the Langa Langa Women Kuli Kuli Collective while preserving the essence of how kuli kuli was made for centuries. For now you can place your Kuli Kuli order directly from the collective in Nigeria call + 234 802 750 8837 in the United States call + 1 818 305 5854 or by email

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The Local Beekeepers Collective of Nigeria is a collective of local beekeepers in Nigeria. The collective was established to help local beekeepers gain access into the international market. Call +234 802 750 8837 for information

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