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To get husbands, Pastor Undresses And Kisses Female Church Members Asses At Beach

Pastor Kissing Women's Asses

To get husbands, Pastor Undresses And Kisses Female Church Members Asses At Beach

31 thoughts on “To get husbands, Pastor Undresses And Kisses Female Church Members Asses At Beach

  1. Wow. This is the oddest ritual I’ve seen lately. I cannot imagine getting naked in a line of women and getting kissed on the ass.

    1. Miseducation of the minds, isn’t this is another form of sexual abuse Christian churches are famous for.

      1. It definitely does sound like abusive behavior. I wasn’t there so I’m not sure how these women felt. I dont want to classify behavior as abusive because that is their right as participants, not my right from viewing a single photo of them.

      2. Christain Churches are not the issue. A christain truly following the Lord would never do this !! Sexual abuse comes from a person with a perverted heart which takes over the mind. Whether it is a christain in a backslidden condition because they have chosen to yield to thier flesh or a person that has never repented and accepted Jesus as thier Lord and Savior but is posing as a christain….this is (NOT) from the Holy Spirit…and where did it say they were practicing christanity says pastor and church…this could be any religion. Christain means followers of Christ. People that are truly followin Christ do not practice such as this!!! I pray the Lord will work in thier hearts and bring them to repentence.

  2. TRUST NOT IN MAN! Why are we as people so desperate to want something and not understand that we must no be ready for what we are asking if we have to result to worldly ignorance! It’s sad how desperate we have become as humans, when we need to focus on healing our worldly desires and find gratitude for our daily existence! That’s why the church lacks men because of the disrespect man has for women! Would this same pastor kiss his mom’s or daughters ass if they were not married! Go figure! Stop being so desperate and thirsty for anything you have not been blessed with naturally from the universe! #STOPBEINGOFTHEWORLD

  3. No. I can’t…

  4. this is the last hour.even the elect shal be decived we must guide our ourselves against the devices of the enemy satan

  5. Noooooo, noooooo, noooooo, oh my holy father in heaven, noooooooo!!!!!!! Why you do this to me brother? Wwwhhhhyyyyy!!!!!! I need a drink

      1. Why you do this to me brother, wwhhhyyyy!!!!!! Lawd, Lawd, Lawd, I live across the bay from Oak-town young man, “my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns Hun” then again, there is such a notion as too much of a ‘good thing’ and well, even in Nassau . . . “Lawd Have Mercy”

  6. I forgot: Nnnnnooooooooo, Lawd Have Mercy!

      1. “Good Luck” Jonathan!

      2. You see while the Pastor is making love and peace the lawmakers are jumping fences running from the police.

      3. “And the beat goes on” – Dennis Edwards (and the Temptations)

  7. (homey has one hell of a cool gig – or way to satisfy his fetish – ) to quote Sir Mixalot; “my anaconda . . . . . ” yeah, ‘baby got back’; “Lawd Have Mercy” you are so wrong, my brother, you and the ‘right-reverend’ “Lawd Have Mercy” Wonder what my African-Sister Folakemi thinks of this form of – ahem – “worship” I need a drink!

    1. I just gotta take my hat off to the Right Reverend who is able to satisfy his ass fetish in such a grand way. And they say Nigeria is not a free country.

      1. “Lawd Have Mercy” I hear Sir Mix-A-Lot is on his way over now, his investment in the ‘Trojan rubber company’ securely packed in his carry-on bag! “baby got back”

  8. Am just looking

  9. Shit like this is why disease is rampant. Damn shame how foolish these women are. If you want to call them that. They were more than likely hoes to begin with. JUST NASTY!!!!

  10. this is obviously fake. probably photo taken from some porno photo shoot. don’t know why people are quick to believe any and everything. the story gives no names or locations but y’all seem to think it is credible. I know Nigeria got its problems but damn. lets stop encouraging people adding to it with fiction. not a nigerian btw .

  11. People will believe anything. Grow some brains people.

  12. This is crazy. This is in Nigeria. So how can you say that the Christian way is this or is that. You don’t even know of what religion they belong to. See that’s why you’re suppose to read and study the word of God for yourself.

  13. Madness!

  14. I first saw this on twitter, and I thought it to be gross. This is insane, and these ladies actually did that? My God, have we suddenly lost our pride that we now have fish brains to think with. I’d rather stay single forever than do that. Pure madness

  15. This is warped and predatory. I don’t believe this to be a ritual in any religion. The so called “pastor” is just satisfying a paraphillia or sexual fantasy by tricking gullible and desperate women into allowing him to commit this assault on them in the name of faith.

    What everyone concerned is missing here is logic. No matter what religion you worship under, the supreme deity would have to be more logical than all of mankind put together, and no logical god or goddess would decree that this practice must be carried out. Simple logic would have told this man, and these women, that this act is wrong.

  16. Although, I have more than enough evidence to suggest the source of this picture is questionable, I’m happy they posted it because people need to see stuff like this, to be reminded that we live in a society where this can be the norm! I personally have a huge porn complex and that sh*t just creeps me out. Nonetheless, it’s helpful to see such disgusting images, so I can remember that women are doing this, and men are enjoying it. Honestly, whether these women did this for a cool mil’ or for the sake of getting a husband, it’s tragic. And the fact that this picture exists, for anyone, especially those who love to appropriate and disgrace Black bodies, is even more telling. This picture’s existence, makes it plausible for the cultural norm (which is anti- Black) to believe Black women could possibly do something like this for a husband, because well, they actually did it (for any reason)! At first I said to myself ‘if this is porn or a video shoot, then I understand… And then I realized what I was saying. I was saying, ‘the picture isn’t the problem, the sources of the picture is the problem’, which obviously doesn’t make sense.

  17. […] so they preach a hostile gospel. Imams preach moral honesty while pastors frequently and routinely sexually molest their female and male church members.– […]

  18. I’m getting ordanded tomorrow….

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