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Hausa Girls in Kaduna, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

Hausa Girls

Hausa Girls, Tafa, Kaduna State, Nigeria#JujuFilms 


9 thoughts on “Hausa Girls in Kaduna, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

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  8. does it means that if a girl wore a Hijab, surely she is a Hausa girl? Other tribes wears Hijab too. Because, I noticed that all the pictures posted here has Hausa Girl as headlines and when I checked all, I noticed that they all wears Hijab. Well, all Muslims wears Hijab and not only Hausa girls. Just my thoughts anyways. Thanks.

  9. I thank you and appreciate your thoughts and comment. I do not identify Hausa girls by hijab, I go through a unique process of properly identifying subjects I photograph which include actually living in their community and getting to know the people. Most recently I lived in Ilaje, Osun State for about 5 months.

    I do this because my work is a form of historical record keeping and documentary which is used as educational aides in several institutions of higher learning. I currently have an archive of over 50,000 images of Nigeria which captures Nigerians in their organic essence.

    You should search my images of Fulani, Gbagyi, Igbira, Yoruba, Auchi, Edo women and more in hijab. Here are a couple of links

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