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Name One Imam in Nigeria That Owns a Private Jet.

When I asked this question on my Facebook page this is one of the responses I got, “Have u converted to Islam?”.  This is my response:

Islam teaches humility and giving directly to the needy. You can witness this when you go to any mosque for Friday prayers. Christians on the other hand encourage corruption by giving directly to their pastors hence the average Nigerian mega pastor flies his own private jet.

Imams preach peace and tolerance while the pastors believe Boko Haram is Islam so they preach a hostile gospel. Imams preach moral honesty while pastors frequently and routinely sexually molest their female and male church members.@OgbeniAyotunde

3 thoughts on “Name One Imam in Nigeria That Owns a Private Jet.

  1. The truth ALWAYS hurts.

  2. Isreal (jewish) nation ethnically cleanses palestine, America/UK (Christian) bomb invade middle east/asia/africa, Nazi Germany (Catholic nation). Jihadists are muslims.

    Therefore all jews are racist genocidal criminals, all christians are hypocritical murdering pirates and all muslims are terrorists. Over the top?

    It seems the fashion to demonise Islam and the rent-a-terrorist jihadi groups gives the fashion superficial support.

    Neither Christianity nor Islam have a exemplary record in Africa, both were involved in the capture and trading of enslaved Africans. Both have very poor examples of nation building and leaderhip.

    Maybe it is easier for non-religious people to keep perspective as we don’t have to defend either re-li-gion.

  3. Can’t say about Nigeria, but here in England worshippers in the masajid (mosques) give their money in a bucket that gets passed round. We don’t see where it goes (’cause we have our own lives to get back to!) but we’re told it’s either to go to charity or help with upkeep of the building. In what way is that different to the pastors?
    BTW, I know a Sierra Leonean ex-muslim who in his childhood used to see imams raping little boys back home. So sexual abuse isn’t exclusive to Christians.

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