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Palm wine Tapper

Palm Wine Tapper

Palm Wine Tapper
Bwari FCT Nigeria


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  1. Interesting. The more I think about some of your photos, the more I realise Nigeria should focus its tourist industry in the first instance on attracting Nigerians by showcasing different uniqueness of each regions. I have never seeing palm wine tapped this way in my region, Yoruba. For short palm trees such as the one in the photo, they usually fell them and extract the juice from it and that is the end of that tree – a bit sad really. For taller palm trees, the process is different.

    Do you know if the one in the picture will stay as is after the juice has been extracted? Able to bear palm fruits or will the wine tapper be back for more in future?

    1. You are right every region in Nigeria has its different uniqueness. This is the sustainable way of tapping palm wine in the north. In the east the wine is tapped from the topside of the tree with the wine dripping into a calabash overnight.

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