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What They Tell You

Take control of your life, Jesus is in control of your life, makes as much sense as lazy Mexicans taking all the jobs in America. Ogbeni Ayotunde


6 thoughts on “What They Tell You

  1. “Lazy Mexicans”? Careful my young brother, they have taken over don’t you know!

    1. “Those Lazy Mexicans” isn’t that what they call Mexican people. I lived in Los Angeles from my mid teen years and I can tell you the system stereotyped the Mexican people. But I saw different I saw a family oriented people not unlike where I was coming from in Africa.

      They took over by building their country, for the first time in maybe 10years less Mexicans are immigrating to America from the southern border.

      1. True on all fronts amigo

  2. At least that’s what “they” say!

  3. Jesus can be in control of your life but does that give people reason to act without sense??? I think not!

    1. This is the contradiction I see in Christianity which claims to worship a monolithic God but yet seem to worship in actuality 3 in Jesus, “the holy spirit” and “God”. It is in human nature to seek the truth , the truth leads to creativity and progress. The inventors of Christianity made Jesus a god assuming this teaching will proof positive in controlling the minds of the people, Jesus never once claimed he was a god, the inventors of Christianity did that.

      Today people worship 4 demigods, the 4th is their religious leader, but the almighty god is still Money.

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