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Na Jesus Dey Reign

The Religions of Jesus & Mohammed


9 thoughts on “Na Jesus Dey Reign

  1. I like how she’s so animated and dramatic when she speaks. A very colourful personality.

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  5. Wonderful! I’ll be checking back when I have more time. I love your pictures and this group of people celebrating together. I haven’t been to Nigeria in 46 years but I was with you all in this video.

    1. Thank you kindly and do hope to see you in Nigeria sometime soon.

      1. I would love to be there again. We lived in Warri. I have a dear man I would love to see again. He was hired to be our gardener, but he was so much fun! My sister and I loved him so much that he became our keeper. We couldn’t help him come to America because of the Civil War at the time. I don’t know if he is still living, but he lives forever in my heart.

      2. Such beautiful memories, do you remember his name? Maybe with his name and your story someone out there may have some information to his whereabout.

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