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Reasons behind the 1991/2004 Coup d’etat against Aristide.

Jean Bertrand Aristide

Reasons behind the 1991/2004 Coup d’etat against Aristide.

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How Feminism Destroyed The U.S. Black Family. – Shahrazad Ali

Shahrazad Ali

“Although not lazy by nature, she has become loose and careless about herself and about her man and family. Her brain is smaller than the Blackman’s, so while she is acclaimed for her high scholastic achievement, her thought processes do not compare to the conscious Blackman’s.

Her unbridled tongue is the main reason she cannot get along with the Blackman…if she ignores the authority and superiority of the Blackman, there is a penalty. When she crosses this line and becomes viciously insulting it is time for the Blackman to soundly slap her in the mouth” – Shahrazad Ali

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So I told you all the Houston Astros would win the 2017 World Series. – @OgbeniAyotunde

Houston Astros 2017 World Series Champions

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Langa Langa Village / Catching A Moving Train.

This is preview to a documentary film I am currently in the studio editing.

Langa Langa Village/Catching A Moving Train.

Some of the resources used in building the Nigerian Railways track network including stones from a quarry in the village and labor, were those of the Eggon people of Langa Langa Village, yet they have never experienced electricity or running water.

Rather the men, women and children of the village are subjected to catching moving trains like hobos when the train station closed decades ago. The passing train slows down to a crawl so passengers can hop onto a rail system they helped build.

Recently on a flight from London to Abuja I ran into Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi and spoke to him briefly about the Langa Langa Train Station situation. I promised him first screening of the documentary film once I finish editing. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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The New African Slave.

This is 10 minutes of a new documentary am still editing, The New African Slave. Codeine is sold over the counter (OTC) in Nigeria for about $1.50 for a 12oz bottle. There is a codeine addiction epidemic in Nigeria affecting the youth and women including married women.

There is extreme poverty in Nigeria, where the few rich infect the poor with the devil’s english.

Soundtrack by Shabaka Sounds

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Abayomi, your average Nigerian teenager.

16yr old Abayomi is your average Nigerian teenager and the face of millions of teenagers from poor homes. Today Abayomi is working at a construction site as a day laborer for $3. At 16 he is already a skilled mason, carpenter and electrician.

Based on living in extreme poverty you might expect Abayomi and his friends to be roaming the streets high on codeine, robbing and stealing, or an easy recruit for a terrorist group, on the contrary, Abayomi and his friends Taiwo and Kehinde are working hard everyday and going to school.

The other day I asked Abayomi why he had so much positive energy. He told me it was natural to him cause his father is the same way. He said he wouldn’t take drugs cause it would alter the natural highness he was gifted with.

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Living Wild with John Amos. (Series Pilot Episode) Usuma Lake, Ushafa Village, Abuja, Nigeria.

Pilot episode of “Living Wild with John Amos”, a documentary series that shares the experience of living wild in Nigeria with John Amos, a great outdoorsman, Photojournalist and Cameraman at Juju Films. He was born and raised in Langa Langa Village, Nasarawa State, Nigeria, where he gained his knowledge of plants, roots and wildlife.