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Has religion done more bad than good for humanity. Ogbeni Ayotunde


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  1. Religion is a part of humanity I think, so what humanity does, religion does

  2. But should we first ask if human really understand the meaning of religion?

    I think religion have been a tool for financial elite and, Man, goof as usual, got in the action blinded.

  3. What’s your opinion on the subject? I’d love to know!

  4. It all starts in the heart, your thinking. So as a man thinketh so is he. So if you think on evil that’s where your heart will be. If you think on good and healthy you will have peace and joy, understanding, love, patience, compassion and you will not think about harming others. We are to be different, people of integrity and good character… For me it’s about relationship with my Father in heaven and I desire to please Him on how I live life here on earth.

  5. This is a very good question, and yet I find it impossible to answer. I am not a religious person, but nor do I think religion in and of itself is a bad thing. So many acts of violence have been committed over the years in the name of religion, or in secrecy behind the closed doors of some churches. However, most religions preach good principles and morals, and give hope to humanity in the face of adversity. So is it more good, or more bad? I don’t know.

  6. that will be a resounding YES from me.

  7. Yes, but I have a list of several BIG organizations that always do more bad than good for humanity. They are:
    -Big Banks
    -Big Industry
    -Big Energy
    -Big Religion
    -Big Health Care
    -Big Hedge Funds
    -Big Labor Unions
    -Big Political Parties
    -Big Charities
    -Big Media
    -Big Government
    The one I fear the most is the last one, but they all do their own brand of damage. And the reasons: they are all impersonal, lack any means of self-discipline and cater to the most powerful elitists.

  8. Certainly has been the cause for most bad. It’s strange because it’s the one thing one would’ve thought united people — belief — but no, it actually divides.

  9. A tough question.
    My initial reaction is yes! Yes! Yes! Particularly in light of recent events unfolding in the Middle East. And Africa. And Afghanistan and Iran. And Iraq.
    However, the basic principles behind religion; humility, love, peace, respect are good ones. God knows (no pun intended) what state the World would be in if there was no religion!

  10. If by religion you mean toxic dogma, then I agree. Religion as an institution is not the same as individual moral sensibility or a sense of the sacred. Religion as a system can start taking on political attitudes, and wanting to control, and enforce conformity. This is where it becomes insidious, and appears to often have little to do with ethical behaviour. The Spanish Inquisition comes to mind, to say nothing of all the other events of religious intolerance and persecution that the world has seen since. Across Africa, European religious indoctrination, that told African peoples they were inferior and had barbaric traditions and beliefs, was used as a means to disempower and take control.

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