Corporations are industrialized slave labor camps, enslaving billions of the world’s population only to enrich a few corrupt hypocrites. So North Korea allegedly hacked into Sony’s database and aired some of their dirty laundry making Sony buckle under to the North Koreans demand and canceling the release of their Seth Rogen movie “The Interview” a comedy about assassinating the North Korean leader Kim Jung-un.

I listened to an audio interview with Sony head Michael Lynton on NPR yesterday where he claimed the reason Sony cancelled the release of “The Interview” was solely based on the movie theater owners (distribution network) refusal to show the movie in their theaters.

For the record I do not believe Michael Lynton’s claim, neither do I believe a movie theater owner in Yazoo City Mississippi looking at making profit this season with the most unusual publicity for a movie the movie industry has ever seen is worried about the North Koreans nuking his movie theater for playing the movie. How safe are movie theaters anyway with mass killings and people packing guns?

President Barack Obama believes it was a mistake by Sony to cancel the movie release in regards to the precedent it sets for freedom of speech. I believe the North Koreans have more damaging material on Sony which their executives are afraid may sink the company.

Ogbeni Ayotunde