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Feeding The Beast

There is a class warfare going on in America. Republican lawmakers cut food stamps to needy children ( 50% of food stamp recipients in America today are children ). They are sponsoring a bill that mandates the school superintendent overseer of a school children work program. You know making hungry students work for their food. This is by no means a new phenomenon in America you see student athletes have slaved for decades for Corporate America with the NCAA as the overseer.

Meanwhile Republican lawmakers are fighting tooth and nail to preserve tax breaks and wealth for the 1% fat cats and 2% corporations that control American wealth. You see not much has changed in 400 years, America was built on the backs of African slave labor and for the past couple of decades on slave Chinese, Vietnamese, Bangladeshi, Thai or Mexicano labor take your pick, As the slave labor market is busted in Asia the American predatory lawmakers turn on American children to feed the Beast. Ogbeni Ayotunde

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  1. […] Corporations are industrialized slave labor camps, enslaving billions of the world’s population only to enrich a few corrupt hypocrites. So North Korea allegedly hacked into Sony’s database and aired some of their dirty laundry making Sony buckle under to the North Koreans demand and canceling the release of their Seth Rogen movie “The Interview” a comedy about assassinating the North Korean leader Kim Jung-un. […]

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