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Mr. Joe Jackson

Back then slave masters controlled the faith of slave children through selling, trading or raping them, today corporations control the faith of our children much the same way. I met Joe Jackson in 1990 when I worked at an electronics retail outlet on Sunset and La Brea in Hollywood, California I had met his manager previously who had promised to introduce us.

I could hardly believe the Jackson Family patriarch was in my store and we were having a conversation. He stood looking confident and spoke softly with the wisdom of an African grandfather.

I felt I had known him all my life, we spoke at length about Africa and he was especially interested in my Nigerian heritage. I would visit his home in Encino on a couple of occasions also to help with setting up the entertainment system he purchased.

I would run into Mr. Jackson again about a year later in Paris at Charles de Gaulle Airport while waiting on a delayed connecting flight to Los Angles. He saw me from a distance and walked towards me with starstruck females hounding him for autographs and photographs.

Mr. Jackson seemed more interested in spending the next couple of hours speaking with me at the airport lounge than tending to his fans, I got the impression he was a bit irritated by the display. This time he spoke about living in America as a black man, how greedy and evil the corporations that run the music industry are.

Years later I would come to truly understand Mr. Jackson’s frustrations as I battle a couple of evil corporations myself. Mr. Jackson spoke about how Michael was manipulated by the industry. You see Mr. Jackson spoke like a man who had lost his only son. He knew it was only a matter of time before they took his life. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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Government by Corporations

The one thing governments and corporations are good at is messing lives up. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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The Criminal Enterprise Accenture & The Hague

I stopped trying to make sense of the nonsense know as The Hague, an institution established by the powers to oppress the oppressed. I was judged as the “angry black man” and “Nigerian” while my basic human rights was abused by the same institution that claims to protect it. So if fighting for my rights makes me an “angry black Nigeria man” so be it. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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Sony Shelved

Corporations are industrialized slave labor camps, enslaving billions of the world’s population only to enrich a few corrupt hypocrites. So North Korea allegedly hacked into Sony’s database and aired some of their dirty laundry making Sony buckle under to the North Koreans demand and canceling the release of their Seth Rogen movie “The Interview” a comedy about assassinating the North Korean leader Kim Jung-un.

I listened to an audio interview with Sony head Michael Lynton on NPR yesterday where he claimed the reason Sony cancelled the release of “The Interview” was solely based on the movie theater owners (distribution network) refusal to show the movie in their theaters.

For the record I do not believe Michael Lynton’s claim, neither do I believe a movie theater owner in Yazoo City Mississippi looking at making profit this season with the most unusual publicity for a movie the movie industry has ever seen is worried about the North Koreans nuking his movie theater for playing the movie. How safe are movie theaters anyway with mass killings and people packing guns?

President Barack Obama believes it was a mistake by Sony to cancel the movie release in regards to the precedent it sets for freedom of speech. I believe the North Koreans have more damaging material on Sony which their executives are afraid may sink the company.

Ogbeni Ayotunde


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The American Corporate Industrial Complex

Then you have the corporate industrial complex designed for young black women. They capture their soul. They easly trade their family for the privilege of been a part of their world. See Condoleezza Rice in Augusta. They trumpet woman power now the queen becomes the king. 

Checked her with my bishop. 3 white lawyers later. Ain’t nothing changed since Fanta stabbed Kunta in the front. Damn if you ain’t locked up they got your queen. So go hard black man.