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The Massas Golf Tournament

The Masters Golf Tournament originated in the American Deep South in the 1800’s when plantation owners got together to play the game of golf. African slaves who called their owners Massa (Master) would say their Massa was out playing golf with other Massas.

In the early 1900’s it was formally organized as the Masters Golf Tournament. A tournament born out of slavery. The first black man allowed to play with the Masters is Tiger Woods in 1997 when he became the youngest and first black person to win the tournament.

Tiger Woods is the stereotypical House Nigger who built his career denying his African heritage. The Masters of slavery today are the corporate-media who manipulate the values of humanity. Although his amazing athletic abilities is directly related to his race (slave masters not only breed Africans to work the fields they transferred the same methods to breeding Africans for sports) his Masters had him believe his blackness wasn’t his value.

Tiger broke the code by sleeping with 43 white prostitutes, for that he was given a public flogging by his Masters, they shamed him by taking his paper, woman, game, dope and his respect. Tiger was stuck like two dogs fucking he couldn’t crawl back to the black community he rejected for backup, he could’t call Farrakhan for credits lest his Masters flog him again. The first black woman allowed to play with the Masters is Condoleeza Rice in 2013 another House Nigger. – @OgbeniAyotunde


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Shooting A Fading Scene

I shoot villagers in Nigeria with my Canon camera. They drop bombs on them. I shoot the beauty and essence of their souls. They shoot to kill their souls. I respect their culture and learn from their way of life. They destroy their culture and hate on their way of life. My journey is to capture and share the essence of over 500 sub ethnic groups that make up Nigeria, their goal is to destroy and convert them to one.

A subscriber asked me a couple of days ago what impact my images would have on the UN Secretary General, you see the UN and the Nigerian government are well aware of how peace can be promoted through my images.

Langa Langa Village Nigeria
Howe Village Benue State Nigeria

The face is a window to the soul, the faces of the girls burnt alive as they slept in their school dormitories in Yobe Nigeria, 200+ girls kidnapped from Chibok, 2000+ massacred in Baga and thousands more slaughtered by Boko Haram. A father in Atlanta Georgia enjoys the window to his daughter’s soul just as much as the father in Chibok Borno.

The UN’s method of promoting peace in the world is the well used but ineffective method of sending peacekeeping soldiers and dropping food aid in affected areas. Nigeria politicians are busy looting the treasury while President Goodluck Jonathan is standing in solidarity in France. The French lost 17 lives in Paris to Al Qaeda in Yemen while Boko Haram just carried out their worst massacre killing 2000 people in Baga Nigeria.

The worst carnage and atrocities in modern human history is committed daily against women, young girls, poor and minority groups in Nigeria no wonder our president believes 2000 African lives means nothing to 17 European lives.

Who is standing in solidarity with Nigeria?  @OgbeniAyotunde

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Sony Shelved

Corporations are industrialized slave labor camps, enslaving billions of the world’s population only to enrich a few corrupt hypocrites. So North Korea allegedly hacked into Sony’s database and aired some of their dirty laundry making Sony buckle under to the North Koreans demand and canceling the release of their Seth Rogen movie “The Interview” a comedy about assassinating the North Korean leader Kim Jung-un.

I listened to an audio interview with Sony head Michael Lynton on NPR yesterday where he claimed the reason Sony cancelled the release of “The Interview” was solely based on the movie theater owners (distribution network) refusal to show the movie in their theaters.

For the record I do not believe Michael Lynton’s claim, neither do I believe a movie theater owner in Yazoo City Mississippi looking at making profit this season with the most unusual publicity for a movie the movie industry has ever seen is worried about the North Koreans nuking his movie theater for playing the movie. How safe are movie theaters anyway with mass killings and people packing guns?

President Barack Obama believes it was a mistake by Sony to cancel the movie release in regards to the precedent it sets for freedom of speech. I believe the North Koreans have more damaging material on Sony which their executives are afraid may sink the company.

Ogbeni Ayotunde


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First Lady of Nigeria (FLON)

Some Nigerians take cheap shots at Patience Jonathan the First Lady of Nigeria (FLON) on trivial nonsense like the way she speaks the English language, her appearance or her public blunders.

You see these same people who consider Patience an embarrassment to Nigeria (bush woman) wear English suits in the hot Nigerian climate, speak more English than the British man, perm their hair and bleach their skin all in an effort to impress their Colonial Masters.

Patience Jonathan never claimed to be Princes Diana or Michelle Obama she is simply a country girl from Bayelsa State now First Lady of Nigeria (FLON)

#PatienceJonathan #FirstLadyOfNigeria #FLON #JujuFilms

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The Hebrew Masters

Donald Sterling is not the only racist NBA team owner. Micheal Jordan would tell you that former Wizard’s owner Abe Pollin was a racist. How about that, now African Americans get a better understanding of the Native Americans frustration with Dan Snyder, the Washington “Redskins” owner who continues to fly the flag of past American racist traditions. Just like the NCAA these organizations are of the master and slave model.

If Africans who read and accept the new testament bible’s version that the great Pharaohs and Egyptians were slave masters who enslaved the Jews in Egyptian institutions then why are we now crying foul that the Jews are enslaving Africans in “their” Entertainment, Sports, Banking…. intuitions. | Ogbeni Ayotunde

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Too Much Praying

Cameroon is shutting down thousands of churches around the country as illegal enterprises that prey on the poor. They also regard these churches as a nuisance to their neighbors. Cameroon requires churches be registered and licensed by the state. Nigeria should take a clue from our neighbor, in Nigeria where every other living room, bar, buka or cybercafe is a church. Growing up in Nigeria I enjoyed the melodic calls to prayers by the mosques, then christians had bell ringers.

Back then the Christians felt the muslims were crude and a nuisance with the calls to prayers and praying 5 times a day wherever it was time for prayers. Nigerian churches now believe it is a shouting contest whomever makes the most noise gets the attention of God. They steady prey on the poor and uneducated population made possible by corrupt state and church institutions.

A pastor in Cameroon believed the government was persecuting them for praying too much, really, he probable does not understand that too much of a good thing can be bad for you and pulling God’s coat 24hrs a day isn’t going to get your prayers answered any faster. | Ogbeni Ayotunde