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First Lady of Nigeria (FLON)

Some Nigerians take cheap shots at Patience Jonathan the First Lady of Nigeria (FLON) on trivial nonsense like the way she speaks the English language, her appearance or her public blunders.

You see these same people who consider Patience an embarrassment to Nigeria (bush woman) wear English suits in the hot Nigerian climate, speak more English than the British man, perm their hair and bleach their skin all in an effort to impress their Colonial Masters.

Patience Jonathan never claimed to be Princes Diana or Michelle Obama she is simply a country girl from Bayelsa State now First Lady of Nigeria (FLON)

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5 thoughts on “First Lady of Nigeria (FLON)

  1. great post…and bottom line is.. vain & unimportant people are always so TRIVIAL, it’s actually boring…take it from me..I live in the country of TRIFLERS..the ungreat US of A 🙂

    1. Thank you

  2. Very truee though!!!

  3. Ah, the (post-)Colonial works in mysterious ways.

    It has been nearly 5 generations since authoritarian rule in my home West Germany, and 25 years in the East. You would think people would celebrate the fact, but many still censure one another in daily life, and practice unquestioning obedience even in the absence of authority.

    You can remove the hegemon from people’s, but removing it from their spirits is another thing altogether.

    1. Oops! Typo: … remove the hegemon from people’s lives[sic], …

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