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A Film Documentary by Ogbeni Ayotunde

Feat: Sandra Isadore, Seun Kuti, Baba Ani, Byron McNeish, Holly Bass, Melani N Douglass, Ayo Ngozi, Candace Mickens, Risikat Okedeyi, Matt Miller, Ernesto Mercer & more


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  9. Thank you for following my blog! I saw you’re located in Studio city. We just moved at the end of the summer to N. California (a different culture!). I like what I see here. Thanks for connecting.

    1. Thank you kindly I started out in Studio City (Laurel Canyon & Ventura but working out of Nigeria since 2010. No Cal sure has a different culture, are you close to the Bay area?

      1. The bay area is too expensive and too trafficy (which was one of the reasons am glad to be out of the LA basin) – I needed more space to paint, lol!
        so my kids say/think I live in the boonies:)

    2. Looking forward to a getaway like that myself one day soon, my father lived to be 96 living on a remote farm in Nigeria. I love the Pacific coast, when I want to get lost I get on the PCH and just drive, stopping to take pictures and camp, Santa Cruz, Halfmoon Bay…. I hear junk from the nuclear fallout in Japan is sure to be arriving on the Pacific coast soon, o well just the same don’t think I could afford to live on the coast.

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