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Shabaka Sounds | Obama Has Done It.

Shabaka Sounds 

African Spirit / Obama has done it

Zanzibar in Washington DC

Directed by Ogbeni Ayotunde


6 thoughts on “Shabaka Sounds | Obama Has Done It.

  1. […] We Africans understand that bad leadership and corruption has plagued the leadership of the African continent for many decades after colonial rule. The historic occasion of Barack Obama spending maybe last private moments with Nelson Mandela should not be tainted by these protests. This is not the African way. It is a disrespect to the honor and legacy of Nelson Mandela, the people of South Africa, Africans, African Americans and President Barack Obama. […]

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  3. […] Shabaka Sounds […]

  4. […] Shabaka Sounds Mr. Jackson The Zanzibar Washington DC President Barack Obama Inauguration Weekend Celebration Produced by Ogbeni Ayotunde #JujuFilms […]

  5. […] by the Goodluck Jonathan administration just the same way the racist neo-cons tried to label President Obama a terrorist. That is just the way House Niggers behave. You see they do everything to please their […]

  6. […] The script calls for a puppet, other actors include The US Supreme Court, US Senate and House of Representatives, Governors and Ministers. The first action shot of this billion dollar production is at the Oval Office with the Billion Dollar President signing into law the Keystone XL Pipeline bill, a bill which Obama had vetoed. Ogbeni Ayotunde […]

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