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Black Presidents

Black South Africans broke loose of white supreme rule just over 20 years ago. The living symbol of South Africa’s freedom Nelson Mandela struggles for his life in Pretoria Hospital.  It is obvious that black South African’s are still reeling from the effects of apartheid and the lessons of those dark times still haunt today.

It took over 230 years for America to elect a black person president, am talking about Barack Obama from Kenya. In my lifetime I have witnessed the first black American president and the first black South African president. That said it is in bad taste for protestors who believe Barack Obama is not doing enough to curb the problem of bad leadership and corruption in many African nations to use Pretoria hospital as the venue to pull Obama’s coat.

We Africans understand that bad leadership and corruption has plagued the leadership of the African continent for many decades after colonial rule. The historic occasion of Barack Obama spending maybe last private moments with Nelson Mandela should not be tainted by these protests. This is not the African way. It is a disrespect to the honor and legacy of Nelson Mandela, the people of South Africa, Africans, African Americans and President Barack Obama. – @OgbeniAyotunde


4 thoughts on “Black Presidents

  1. Well said – protest where protest is welcome – not on the steps of a man at death’s door – best wishes to SA and Mr Mandela !

  2. I agree. There is a time and place. It would be nice to focus on the man who is responsible for the peaceful transition of a country, as his life hangs in the balance. Obama has some very serious political issues at clean up at home and my not be person to dwell corruption in Africa.

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