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If antisemitism is a crime under the law why isn’t islamophobia. Ogbeni Ayotunde


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  1. A lot more people should be asking this question – but they look away or have been intimidated into silence, into going along with the wishes of the capitalist class and Western supremacism – both of which are increasingly under threat. Phil Stanfield

  2. It should be covered under existing hate crime laws but there is no reaon why it can’t be specifically listed as well.

  3. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram are false jihadists:
    Capture of Top al-Qaeda Operative Highlights Turkey’s Role in U.S.-NATO Terror Operations – See more at:

    In our daily lives we can attest to Muslims and Christians co-existing. Islamaphobia serves an agenda. Look at the new laws that UK, France and EU wish to enact as a result of Paris.

    Also note AFRICOM has a presence in Liberia due to Ebola cover story. Nigeria also reported a large unwanted, unhelpful US intelligence presence in Nigeria.

    The US would like a large figure 2000 to justify a military presence however the Nigerians would tend to downplay the lives lost.

    We can see the ploy worked very well in Mali for France.

    Looking at Bogus Boko Haram (education illegal/forbidden), what is their grievance with Nigeria and Cameroun? Bogus Haram’s DO NOT support or empower the local people. Their destruction and attack of soft targets has one aim, the national government.
    To call themselves a name that negates education, especially for women shows they are of the same mold as ISIS, Taliban. Evidence of CIA (Criminal Cocaine Importing Agency) involvement.

    To find the Nigerian traitors who would use the tragedy to win an election, we simply to have watch what the various political whores promise and who their western corporate masters will be!

  4. Looks like an act of question begging (assuming an answer). Here we have three acts that would cover both antisemitisim and islamophobia or hate directed at any ethnic group.

    Public Order Act of 1986

    The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994

    The Crime and Disorder Act of 1998

    No idea what laws he is referring to,rather vague, emotive and inflammatory statement, in light of the tension going on at the moment.

    Serious need for balance and clarity at the moment from within our diverse communities.

    Here we have legal clarity, its with a highly anxious population that the problem lies and with political narratives that all to often simply feed on the anxiety of specific sections of our communities.

  5. “Islamophobia” is a stupid term invented by ultra-politically correct people to make critics of Islam and certain followers of it seem like racists and intolerant people. Islam isn’t a race, and I won’t tolerate the intolerable (many Islamic ideas, not all, but quite a few). Me expressing my disgust in this way is not racist or intolerant or “Islamophobic”, sorry.

  6. Most excellent question my son, and the answer is known by us all

  7. Jews, and no other religion on the planet, teaches world dominion by conversion or death. Islam is the one and only which is why they are spreading into other countries and not assimilating. Muhammad murdered many for not converting. He also abused women and children. When Jews were attacked by Hitler it was for nothing. Muslims teach killing. This is a major difference. Only Muslims are willing to kill themselves, their wives and children for the teaching in the Koran. We all can read it.

  8. Hate should be against the law in all its forms. But we need to educate the world about history because those who do not know it are doomed to repeat it. Education and compassion are the keys… let’s go open some doors!!

  9. It is definitely illegal in the UK, as it would be classed under ‘inciting religious hatred’ or ‘inciting racial hatred’. Many other groups are also protected under this law. There might have been an earlier law specifically mentioning antisemitism

  10. No U.K law that specifically deals with antisemitism as far as I am aware, its incitement to hate, and covers belief and non-belief and ethnicity.

    The danger with using such terms is with the concept of essentalisim , the view that Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists or whatever group, has some essential core feature or fault, that defines all members, who must have the same identifying and defining characteristic. They all eat babies, drink blood, piss in you’re swimming pool, are lazy and indolent, prone to violence, infantile, stupid by default, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah ,blah.

    Folk concept that is traditional deployed in the construction of identity, political myth making and the creation of free floating anxiety that fuels the flames of such emotion and desire. Gives our fears something seemingly solid they can cling to and pretend they are something other than they are.

  11. good question

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