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If You Ain’t Up On Things

We are going somewhere. We are putting the right systems in place. We will defeat Boko Haram. #ForwardMarch
We are going somewhere. We are putting the right systems in place. We will defeat Boko Haram. #ForwardMarch

This is a campaign poster and caption from Senator Musiliu Obanikoro’s Facebook page showing Nigeria just acquired 1 helicopter and 2 tanks to defeat Boko Haram in 6 weeks. President Goodluck Jonathan acknowledged the acquisition in an online chat he held with Nigerian media but would not disclose the source or dealer.

In a leaked audio recording by Sahara Reporters Senator Musiliu Obanikoro who is also the Minister for Defense of State is heard orchestrating a conspiracy with Ayo Fayose and the military to rig the Ekiti State gubernatorial election in favor of their Party candidate (PDP) Ayo Fayose who would go on to claim victory.

Senator Obanikoro responded to the leaked tape on his Facebook page by posting this response “I say it on my honour as a Muslim that I never participated in any election rigging in Ekiti state.”

On his Facebook page Senator Obanikoro claims to have sued Sahara Reporters, Premium Times and Punch Newspapers for 1billion Naira collectively. By all accounts it seems to me that Senator Obanikoro will be putting on a Nigerian Army uniform to fly that helicopter and lead the charge against Boko Haram as the administration has been painfully quiet as usual about what strategy they have if any against terrorism or the General commanding the Nigerian Army Elite Force taking on the insurgency. 

The international community recognises our efforts in health care.‪#‎ForwardMarch‬
The international community recognises our efforts in health care.‪#‎ForwardMarch‬

In this campaign poster also from Senator Obanikoro’s Facebook page he and the administration take credit for Bill Gates initiative and philanthropy in Africa. Nigerian politicians continue to pompously believe they are smarter and better than their electorate, I doubt if Senator Obanikoro reads the thousands of comments he gets in response to his posts. I am under no illusion that he moderates his Facebook page, if he did he would realize that the electorate is way smart than he presumes they are. There is one comment from the thousands in response to Senator Obanikoro’s posts which I believe sums it all up.

You are an idiot sir!!! Taofeek Bello

Ogbeni Ayotunde @ #JujuFilms

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