President Goodluck Jonathan is trying to set a legal precedent by firing his ministers days before the end of his administration (May 28, 2015). Depending on how the new administration takes it, a public indictment or a hit list either way Jonathan has just called Buhari’s bluff.

Had President Goodluck Jonathan won the election the usual suspects would have remained in his cabinet getting fat on public funds. Just a couple of months back President Jonathan refused to arrest these ministers. Back then he claimed stealing public funds is not corruption, now singing like a jail house snitch forgetting he is the Commanding Officer of the most corrupt government in Nigeria’s history and as the Captain of the ship is by default the first inline for criminal investigation and indictment.

A few weeks ago former Minister of Aviation and President Jonathan’s Handler and Media Spokesperson Femi Fani-Kayode appeared in a Lagos Federal Court to answer charges of corruption while he was Minister of Aviation, he arrived in a parade and under the protection of about a dozen Nigerian police officers at tax payers expense.

Truthfully President Jonathan did not suddenly find religion or that stealing is corruption his reaction of firing his ministers is to say the list childish. There is no honor amongst thieves, a sheep running with wolves. A brave move would be to indict these ministers but he can’t do that cause law enforcement are also on the take, the Inspector General of Police Suleiman Abba was one of the first to go with nothing to show for the billions he received to rig the elections.

The President gave billions of dollars of public funds to his party ministers and governors to distribute amongst voters, in a sense running his campaign and buying votes with public funds. In another political precedent in Nigeria a President is publicly asking his ministers and governors to return public funds he stole to run his Presidential campaign after losing the election. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is willing returning millions he believed he was overpaid in a government contract. President Muhammadu Buhari no doubt you got them shook. – @OgbeniAyotunde