There is no question that Olusegun Obasanjo is a smart man. When he played humble and retired, Gen. Sani Abacha snatched him and was almost dealt the same faith as Ken Saro Wiwa and Shehu Musa Yar’ Adua. He got lucky and a second chance at the presidency in a country where you don’t get into a bus that the conductor is announcing “one chance”.

This time Obasanjo would trust no one and rule with an iron fist. This meant he surrounded himself with a lot of “yes sir, yes sir” boys and girls, the ones that refused to take dictation became bandits. When the Nigerian people refused his play at a third run his next play was to weaken the presidency first with a medically compromised Umaru Musa Yar’ Ardua and then the Lucky One.

Olusegun Obasanjo weakened the presidency of Nigeria so that office and the people will never have the chance to review his performance as president of Nigeria. No need to worry about our senators, representatives and ministers they are busy setting yet another world record for corruption.

Once bitten twice shy Obasanjo made sure he would never see another Nigerian prison. At play is president Goodluck Jonathan and the most corrupt politicians, police and ministers in the history of Nigeria. I can assure you the next generation of Nigerians can never beat the level of corruption in play today even if they tried.

Nigerians that know are not shocked at the Nigerian minister of aviation Stella Oduah’s purchase of 2 armored BMWs at a cost of $1.6m of the peoples money, seriously check her credentials we know this is just the tip of the corruption iceberg.

Now let’s calculate the probabilities of 4 years of a Nuhu Ribadu presidency (the one legitimate legacy of the Obasanjo presidency) we would hardly be talking about these corrupt MFs cause most would have fled the scene in their armored cars, private jets and first class flights. We would be focused on finding solutions to the basic problems of food, water, light, education, health, security that face this generation of Nigerians instead we have a country managed by thieves and pimps. – @OgbeniAyotunde