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The Politics of Religious Rights

Governor Mike Pence and the government of Indiana proved to the world what we already suspected, that the American government uses religion to discriminate just as well as Boko Haram, ISIL and other Islamist groups, only they call it “Religious Rights”. Indiana has a long history of racial discrimination, as a newly arrived Nigerian student in America I had a gun pulled on me for the first time in my life in Evansville Indiana when a old white man pulled a shotgun on my friends and I for walking into the wrong bar. We were young black kids on the wrong side of the tracks – @OgbeniAyotunde

8 thoughts on “The Politics of Religious Rights

  1. I had a gun put to my head in Southern France after leaving gun-lovng South Africa to avoid conscription, and I was beaten in Bath, UK for going to the wrong pub for a party and for being pro ANC by a ex-Rhodesian Professor ad his henchmen/cronies. Life is funny is it not?

    1. It sure is brother, it sure is.

    2. Sir, that is scary and not funny. People are clueless about doing what is right or living life with integrity of heart and mind.. I hope that you are now in a safer place..

      1. Thanks, it is a strange world. These things we seem to bring them after us and there is no escape sometimes.

      2. Stay as well as you can Bioman! (:

      3. That’s a big 10/4 Mother Hen as we keep on truckin’ !!

  2. One day there will be an awakening and many will see the error of their ways..

  3. […] Governor Mike Pence and Indiana State Republican lawmakers changed their “Religious Rights” law due to the blowback it received, the potential loss of revenue from major corporations like Apple and the NCAA finals scheduled for this weekend pulling out. Governor Mike Pence, Republican lawmakers and the people of Indiana they represent did not change their discriminatory religious beliefs against the LGBT community. In this case the God they trust the All Too Mighty Dollar won. […]

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