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In The Name of The All Too Mighty Dollar

Governor Mike Pence and Indiana State Republican lawmakers changed their “Religious Rights” law due to the blowback it received, the potential loss of revenue from major corporations like Apple and the NCAA finals scheduled for this weekend pulling out. Governor Mike Pence, Republican lawmakers and the people of Indiana they represent did not change their discriminatory religious beliefs against the LGBT community. In this case the God they trust the All Too Mighty Dollar won.

Senator Todd Akin of Missouri voiced his beliefs about the reproductive process of women and was voted out of office. Governor Mike Pence and the Republican lawmakers of Indiana passed a discriminatory law against a significant part of the American population and remain in office with high approvals from the people of Indiana they represent for upholding God’s law. So as billions of Christians celebrate Easter this weekend they should also remember the millions of people killed every year in the name of God by governments all over the world. @OgbeniAyotunde

6 thoughts on “In The Name of The All Too Mighty Dollar

  1. […] Governor Mike Pence and the government of Indiana proved to the world what we already suspected, that the American government uses religion to discriminate just as well as Boko Haram, ISIL and other Islamist groups, only they call it “Religious Rights”. Indiana has a long history of racial discrimination, as a newly arrived Nigerian student in America I had a gun pulled on me for the first time in my life in Evansville Indiana when a old white man pulled a shotgun on my friends and I for walking into the wrong bar. We were young black kids on the wrong side of the tracks – @OgbeniAyotunde […]

  2. It was the corrupt, corporate owned republicans who wanted Citizens United (more money in politics) and now they are getting beat over the head with Citizens United..There is no such thing as Democracy in a Citizens United world…America has lost its mind…all this corporate and religious personhood (corporations and religions are people too is their argument and deserve free speech aka “money talks”) garbage will set the table for the next mussolini and hitler in the very near future…It’s utterly disgusting…

    1. True talk brother, not only has America lost its mind it also lost its soul way back. There is no such thing as separation of church and state. It is all one big entity connected together with corporate dollars. In God we trust, what a scam.

      1. true true..and I have always said that washington should put on all american dollar bills “Inc. God we trust!”

    2. Lol “Inc. God we trust”

  3. It seems the whole world is losing its mind as morality deteriorates

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