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Terrorism 101

The media and governments around the world will lead you to believe that terrorism is a new phenomenon when in reality terrorism has been around as long as human civilization. The Europeans terrorized 3 continents killing and destroying their way of life. The pre-Columbian population of North, South and Central America was estimated at about 100million an estimated 80 to 90% died after the arrival of Europeans. This event is now known as the American Indian Holocaust.

FCT Minister Bala Mohammed with Boko Haram Victim
FCT Minister Bala Mohammed with Boko Haram Victim

The Europeans also terrorized the Aborigines into near extinction. The Europeans and the Arabs have taken turns terrorizing Africans for centuries. The Russians are doing it in Ukraine and the Baltic Nations, the Chinese are doing it in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet, Israel terrorizes the Palestinian people on a daily basis. The Europeans call their form of terrorism colonization while ISIS, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram classify what they are setting up in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and other parts of the world as caliphates. Ogbeni Ayotunde #JujuFilms

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    European terrorism rebranded as neo colonialism

  2. The americans have practiced terrorism since, well, the first pilgrim stepped over that damn Plymouth Rock, just ask what once was considered a “savage” redskin, and i don’t mean an employee of daniel synder in D.C., of course if that troubles you, ask any of the peoples of central and south america how they feel/felt about teddy roosevelt and his gunboat diplomacy, or the people in the phillipines, or viet nam, or iraq, libya, afghanistan, or even ferguson missouri. Remember that old adage, young henry, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” yeah, it’s nothing new, this here ‘war on terror’

    1. Isn’t the “war on terror” the same as the “war on drugs” a scheme to roundup black people in America and give them Mandela like prison sentences. The Pentagon is equipping local police departments with military weapons, wait the plan is that the police are now in the frontline of the “war on terror”

      1. you know something, and I don’t mean to disparage black folk; certainly not black “leaders”, but (and oh yeah this is a ‘disparaging’ remark) al Sharpton? really? al Sharpton??? fuck dude, if Obama needs to “speak” to black America he calls al – snake oil salesman is too good a name for this dick – Sharpton?? really? really? negro please!!!! get out of the way “brother” and let the parade pass through, you are as relevant to the people and events of ferguson as you are too good television hosting – none at fucking all – so go on “take the money and run”, off topic I know, sorry

      2. Same old same old my friend

    2. Yes the Right Rev Al, well on this I can’t blame Obama on his choice you see the “educated elites” Dr. Cornell West and Tavis Smiley are too busy speaking the devil’s english hating brother Barack while he was getting his feet wet and understanding the task at hand. So Barack chooses to work with Rev Al, Jay Z and Beyonce

      They say America is a place of second chances so I must say I am proud of Rev Al Sharpton for flipping the script on them. Look the man paid his dues banging the streets in his sweatsuits while white America and some black folks were clowning him. Now the Rev is in designer suits still straight banging at them. My brother a saint of a man can’t fight the devil. Didn’t that fat twit Mike Fuck A Bee former governor of Arkansas just call Jay Z a pimp and Beyonce a whore?, isn’t Mike FuckABee a conservative christian pastor?. You see Jay Z flipped the script on them just like Rev Al did

  3. I feel shame.

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