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Cooking a King’s meal, Alungu Palace, FCT Abuja, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

The Gwari or Gbagyi people are one of the most peaceful and accommodating people of Nigeria. They peacefully gave up their ancestral land to build the new capital of Nigeria (Abuja). In return the federal government and private land developers continue to steal with force and brutality the remaining village and farm land protected by law for the indigenes.

One such land developer is Abel Bahora¬†from Adamawa State and a close personal friend of the Federal Capital Minister Bala Mohammed. Abel Behori had the Chief of Alungu Lungu arrested for not capitulating to his demands and brought in bulldozers unannounced at 10am on Thursday, June 2014 to demolish the homes of indigene some while occupied by women and babies. Stay turned for my documentary “The Lungu Crisis”


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Terrorism 101

The media and governments around the world will lead you to believe that terrorism is a new phenomenon when in reality terrorism has been around as long as human civilization. The Europeans terrorized 3 continents killing and destroying their way of life. The pre-Columbian population of North, South and Central America was estimated at about 100million an estimated 80 to 90% died after the arrival of Europeans. This event is now known as the American Indian Holocaust.

FCT Minister Bala Mohammed with Boko Haram Victim
FCT Minister Bala Mohammed with Boko Haram Victim

The Europeans also terrorized the Aborigines into near extinction. The Europeans and the Arabs have taken turns terrorizing Africans for centuries. The Russians are doing it in Ukraine and the Baltic Nations, the Chinese are doing it in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet, Israel terrorizes the Palestinian people on a daily basis. The Europeans call their form of terrorism colonization while ISIS, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram classify what they are setting up in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and other parts of the world as caliphates. Ogbeni Ayotunde #JujuFilms

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Lungu Village Land Dispute Protest

Lungu Village Protest

Bala Mohammed (PDP) Federal Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria ought to take a page from the book of South Korean Prime Minister Jung Hong-won and resign immediately so a proper investigation can be conducted into this brutality by the government of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) It is a known fact that Nigerian politicians have absolutely no shame from the Aviation Minister on down to your local government representative who steal, lie, cheat and kill in office. Let it be known that no Nigerian politician has willingly resigned their position, they would rather end up in jail or die than bow out gracefully The Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) was at it again yesterday (6/19/14) morning around 10am in the company of armed military personnel moved in unannounced on Lungu Village, demolishing homes and belongings without care of families still inside these homes. A mother stabbed herself to death after watching her son crushed to death in one of the homes. Amazing how the Nigerian military cannot rescue the abducted girls of Chibok from Boko Haram but can attack and kill poor innocent citizens. – Ogbeni Ayotunde


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FCT Minister Bala Mohammed Visits Victims of Thisday Bomb Attack

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FCT Minister Bala Mohammed Visits Victims of Thisday Bomb Attack