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Pope Francis From Glass House to Glass Mobile

Pope Francis came on the world stage and was masterful at pointing out the evil that governments, corporations and rich people do. He touched on hot topics like poverty, war, environment, human and religious rights. Like a rockstar on a world tour he sold out every arena.

Pope Francis directed his tongue lashing at the Conservative wing of the Republican Party so much so the Speaker of the House John Boehner who invited Pope Francis to speak could be seen sobbing in the chambers. He turned in his resignation the next day.

What Pope Francis is also masterful at is throwing stones at the rest of the world while ignoring the massive sex abuse and pedophilia culture in the Catholic Church. The head of the Vatican Government and Vatican Bank, institutions run tighter than any Mafioso. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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Capitalism is Evil

Writer and historian Menes Amenra speaks on the evils of CAPITALISM and the effects on the African Continent and Black America.


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That Manifest Destiny Jive

President Barack Obama should be in Africa accounting for the number of black people killed under his watch and if black people are accepted in America not campaigning for gay rights in Africa, that’s that manifest destiny jive.- @OgbeniAyotunde

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Nigerian Police Invitation

In Nigeria when the police invites you in for questioning on a Friday pack a toothbrush it’s an automatic 3 nights in jail. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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“Blacks must concern themselves with every single means of struggle: legal, illegal, passive, active, violent and non-violent…. They must harass, debate, petition, give money to court struggles, sit-in, lie-down, strike, boycott, sing hymns, pray on steps—and shoot from their windows when the racists come cruising through their communities.” – Lorraine Hansberry 


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Right To Life

It is within my human rights to avoid capture, arrest or be brutalized and killed by police.

#HumanRights #Police #Brutality #MichaelBrown #TrayvonMartin #Ferguson #America #JujuFilms

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Got to hand to …

Got to hand to President Goodluck Jonathan for a risky yet brilliant political gambit. Starting and stoking a new fire to distract public attention from an ongoing blaze. So Nigerians have a new fire to quench in gay rights. Better than sending the troops into Cameroon to take back Bakassi.

Ogbeni Ayotunde

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Most look at a …

Most look at a homeless person and they feel pity and then you have those who see prey that can be easily victimized. If only they knew what it is like living on these mean streets.

Ogbeni Ayotunde 

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Letter of Invitation.

Recently a childhood friend asked me to write him a letter of invitation so he could visit America on his vacation. Sill puzzled at the reasoning behind why a Nigerian citizen, a free country and member of the British Commonwealth of Nations would need a formal invitation by a United States citizen also a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations and the beacon of freedom to obtain a tourist visa.

Doesn’t this defeat the whole idea of freedom. How free is a Nigerian citizen when he can’t get up and travel to any part of the world without been subjected to unreasonable and downgrading rules, fees and taxes

Once again can we blame corrupt Nigerian politicians who just as the slave traders have sold our human rights to foreign interests?