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Pope Francis From Glass House to Glass Mobile

Pope Francis came on the world stage and was masterful at pointing out the evil that governments, corporations and rich people do. He touched on hot topics like poverty, war, environment, human and religious rights. Like a rockstar on a world tour he sold out every arena.

Pope Francis directed his tongue lashing at the Conservative wing of the Republican Party so much so the Speaker of the House John Boehner who invited Pope Francis to speak could be seen sobbing in the chambers. He turned in his resignation the next day.

What Pope Francis is also masterful at is throwing stones at the rest of the world while ignoring the massive sex abuse and pedophilia culture in the Catholic Church. The head of the Vatican Government and Vatican Bank, institutions run tighter than any Mafioso. – @OgbeniAyotunde

7 thoughts on “Pope Francis From Glass House to Glass Mobile

  1. At the local level the Catholic Church has rolled up their sleeves and done training of staff and volunteers to help prevent future abuse by priests or laypersons alike. The idea of priests being involved in such scandal is indeed horrifying but let us remember that statistically the rate of these kinds of abuses is much higher in other spheres of society today and other churches.

    I think the message of purity and chastity is still the correct one to teach so that we can help to educate children to be aware of potential abusers whether they are doctors, teachers, priests or relatives and hopefully prevent them from becoming abusers themselves.

    To be sure the abuse at the hands of Catholic clerics is inexcusable, let us work together as a church, a nation a society at large to protect and promote the innocence of children. This might be the only way to heal some of society’s wounds.

    1. What do you think of Pope Francis meeting secretly with Kim Davis?

      1. It’s hard to tell with all the media hype surrounding it. Her side makes it sound like they had a major meeting of the minds and the Pope affirmed everything she stands for, but others say it was a situation where the Pope walked by a group of people shaking hands and she just happened to be one of them. She’s kind of this month’s poster girl for the right-wing organization she’s fronting, and I suspect, when she’s out-lived her usefulness, they’ll let her rot in jail without further assistance.

  2. the vatican church has been harboring and protecting pedophiles for 2 thousand years now…if you can bring $$$$s to the church either thru force or good-will, it’s always ALL good…the vatican church had no choice but to pick pope francis…rumor has it that pope francis does not trust the italians in the vatican..he is 100% south american and has no fear at telling the truth to colonial powers from europe..that being said – the vatican church will work this 78 year old man to death and then go back to their ways of the’s all about the $$$$s – and pope francis will bring the vatican money not seen in 200 years…and he knows it and he will speak his peace to the day he dies

    1. What is your take of the Pope’s secret meeting with Kim Davis?

      1. My take is that the vatican, as usual, is doing what they do best – playing both sides of the coin..They are really hurting for money due to all the pedophilia lawsuits and must control the damage really fast..The best way to do that is to side with the conservatives in regards to life (their pro-life stance ) and traditional marriage…and then side with the liberals in regards to climate change and income inequality..In regards to kim davis – she’s a false christian..She has had 3 kids out of wedlock and has been married 4 times..And therein lies the vatican’s and america’s biggest problem – it’s filled withfalse christian..In my eyes, you cannot be a real christian if you are pro-life but then support a government that starts bogus war in iraq that kills more than 300,000 innocent civilians (women and children always included)..Long story short, if Jesus were alive in america today..he’d be shot to death in a hail of bullets by false christians who would claim as their legal defense “stand your ground” because Jesus message would threaten them..As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I like your Christ, but do not like your christians”

      2. Thank you my brother.

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