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Right To Life

It is within my human rights to avoid capture, arrest or be brutalized and killed by police.

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5 thoughts on “Right To Life

  1. It is my obligation to not only stand up against police brutality, racism, injustice, racially based social inequality and political neglect, because if not me, then who?

  2. It is also our obligation for live in a manner that walks in love, compassion, generosity and self control, to live peaceably, help our neighbor and not provoke others to anger. In other words be a role model..

  3. I have to think about my use of the word obligated.. As I think about it, we have the freedom (freewill) to live as a peacemaker or not…

  4. There is a bit of “Michael Brown” in every one of us. At times a bit more, at times a bit less. When we harm Mr. Brown we harm ourselves. It is a monstrous and grievous error we have succumbed to.

  5. goddamn right it is…

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