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Jimmy Carter, How he taught Nigerians to steal.

Jimmy Carter is a shadow Republican, a placeholder between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. He continued the US policy that introduced corruption into the Nigerian political system and the destruction of moral, ethics and cultural values of Nigerians.

Nigerians have struggled for over 47 years to recover from the effects of a policy enacted by the Richard Nixon / Henry Kissinger administration and financed by the US oil industry, Mobil, Texaco, Union76, and Chevron.

They burned us with our own petrol.

Gen. Murtala Muhammed was assassinated under the administration of President Gerald Ford, for refusing to sign over Nigeria’s oil to American banking and oil interests and for refusing to devalue the naira to boost the dollar and profits of the US banking and oil industries. This policy was rubberstamped by the IMF and enforced by the US military.

When the Chair of the Supreme Military Council Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, made similar moves of protecting Nigerian assets and values and to curb the excesses of the Shehu Shagari administration that plunged Nigeria into the abyss, the US and Ronald Reagan having no interest in seeing Buhari tackle this problem green lighted the coup that kept Gen. Buhari in the cooler for several years.

This policy was used by all past US Presidents from Nixon to the current Trump, from the assassinations of Gen. Murtala Muhammed to Gen. Sani Abacha, Ken Saro-Wiwa, MKO Abiola and many more.

Since their first landing on the continent Americans have used the government to pillage and obtain whatever they want by force, having never paid a fair price for anything.

Corporate America wants uranium today so they invaded Niger with US Special Forces and pick a fight with North Korea as justification. The very idea of 93year old Jimmy Carter going to North Korea to match wits with a 33year old Kim is comical at best.

Why don’t they surprise Kim by invoking the ghost of Ronald Reagan, scare him with some old people technology. This is what happens when you have a bunch of senile old men in power just because they are white.

You see, we live in a superhighway of knowledge where the young are building the smart machines of the future. Kim Jong-un is young and smart and can build smarter machines with lesser resources.

At 33 years old Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea and supervising the building of nuclear weapons to protect his country from American aggression. What was Jimmy Carter doing at 33?

Americans believe just because Trump knows how to tweet every 5 minutes and claims to be a billionaire he must be a genius. Then there is 93 year old Jimmy Carter, who doesn’t even know what twitter is, but he is ready to match wits with 33year old Kim Jong-un.

Everyone knows Americans have never kept their word on any negotiated agreement go ahead ask the indigenous people. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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How many Republican Senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee have received donations from President Trump?

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In a roomful of white men one black woman makes the top lawman nervous. (The Angry Black Woman)

Kamala Harris

In a roomful of white men one black woman makes the top lawman nervous. @OgbeniAyotunde


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Arms scam: Obanikoro’s wife loses Abuja mansion to FG, appeals -Punch

A Federal Capital Territory High Court, sitting in Jabi, Abuja, has ordered that Alhaja Moroophat Obanikoro, the wife of a former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, should forfeit her property pending the outcome of investigations into her husband and children.

The court also rejected a prayer asking the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to pay her the sum of N200m for violating her fundamental human rights.

Obanikoro’s wife has, however, headed for the Appeal Court to challenge the court judgment.

As part of investigations into the $2.1bn arms scam, involving the Office of the National Security Adviser, the EFCC had traced the transfer of about N4.7bn to the Diamond Bank account of Sylvan McNamara, a company allegedly owned by Obanikoro’s two sons – Gbolahan and Babajide.

Out of the N4.7bn, Obanikoro allegedly gave N3.880bn to Ayodele Fayose and Senator Iyiola Omisore in July 2014, when they were the Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidates in Ekiti and Osun states respectively.

Part of the money allegedly given to Fayose was said to have been converted to $5.377m and handed to him at Spotless Hotel, Ado-Ekiti, in the presence of the then Ekiti State PDP Secretary, Tope Aluko, and other party stalwarts.

Obanikoro allegedly kept over N600m to himself.

The EFCC subsequently seized a house in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State allegedly belonging to Obanikoro’s sons – Gbolahan and Babajide – and a property located at 44 Mamman Kotangora Crescent, Katampke Extension, Abuja, belonging to their mother.

However, Obanikoro’s wife argued that she bought the property over seven years before the alleged arms scam took place.

She said the EFCC had no right to punish her for any crime allegedly committed by her husband and urged the court to award her N200m.

Obanikoro’s wife demanded “an order setting aside the sealing of the property; an order directing the EFCC to tender an unreserved public apology for the unlawful and unconditional invasion of the aforesaid property and the sum of N200,000,000 as general damages for the unlawful and unconstitutional invasion of the property.”

Alhaja Obanikoro's seized property in Abuja, Nigeria
Alhaja Obanikoro’s seized property in Abuja, Nigeria

In an affidavit, deposed to by one Jackson Edet, the EFCC claimed that Obanikoro’s wife could not claim to be ignorant of her husband’s alleged crime.

The commission said Moroophat’s husband and her sons collected over N600m from the ONSA for a non-existent contract.

The EFCC argued that investigation had shown that, “the property belongs to Musiliu Obanikoro and he paid for the statutory charges for the property.”

The commission added, “That a lawyer, Tejumola Adeboye, who volunteered a statement to the commission, stated that he managed the said property and remits the rent to MON Integrated Services (a company allegedly owned by Obanikoro, which is also under probe).”

In his ruling, the Justice Y. Halilu said he could not stop the EFCC from doing its work, adding that all Nigerians must unite in the fight against corruption.

He added, “I shall refuse the application because it is most unmeritorious and specially packaged to deceive this court. God forbid.”

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Different grades of chopping in Nigerian government.

O ya let’s play…. Kikikiki


_* When U chop alone in government and no one chop wit U, dem dey call dat one *OBJ*_

_* When U chop in government, come allow others 2 chop their own, that is called *IBB*_

_* When U chop in government, come bring democracy and people come forget say U chop, that is called *Abdusallami*_

_* When U chop in government and d place U are choping eventually fold up, that is called *Atiku*_

_* When U dey chop in government, U no remember your driver, secretary, office assistants, dat is called *Gowon*_

_* When U dey chop alone in government, no remember anybody, so tay dem come drive U comot ..dat one is called *Shonekan*_

_* When dem just appoint U for government position, and U just chop small, auditors kon come say bring all papers, dat is called *Nwodo*_

_* When U chop in government and U die while chopping, that is called *Abacha*_

_* When U chop and drink in government so tey U come intoxicate, and others come dey do U wayo, dey chop their own join, that is called *GEJ*_

_* When U over-chop in government and U call ur friends 2 come chop their own, that is called *Ibori*_

_* When U chop and clean mouth like say U no chop anything, that is called *Fashola*_

_* When U chop in government, come dey abuse people wey give U opportunity to chop, that one is called *El-Rufai*_

_* When U chop from government, come spread ur boys for government, dem dey chop U dey chop, dem dey chop U dey chop, dat one is called *Tinubu.*_

_* When U chop in government so teeey U scatter ground, three houses for America, two for London, six for Maitama, seven for VI, as madam dey go shopping for Dubai, children dey go summer for Spain, EFCC kon gbab U, dat one is called *Diezani.*_

_* When U chop well well for government and people know say U chop well well but U dey deny say U chop well well, dat one is called *Amaechi.*_

_* When U chop in government so tay U come even dey richer than the place U dey chop from, dat one is called *Rochas*_

_* When U chop and chop so tey U come tire, come begin dey distribute d chopping to other people. That one is called *Dasuki*_

_* When u be oga u see government money and refuse to chop and refuse to allow make people chop, so tay hunger come dey wire dem but your cabal dey chop is called *Buhari*_

_* When *U* read dis and refuse 2 share wit odas, that one is called chop alone… Lol