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Corporate Whores

They turn our women and daughters to corporate whores. So the weak turn to dope and the strong turn courageous. – @OgbeniAyotunde

8 thoughts on “Corporate Whores

  1. […] run by racist billionaires the likes of Rupert Murdoch actual give two fucks about them. These corporate pimps are only there to sensationalize and make news and what better way than to claim it is a […]

  2. […] Woods is the stereotypical House Nigger who built his career denying his African heritage. The Masters of slavery today are the corporate-media who manipulate the values of humanity. Although his amazing athletic […]

  3. […] later I would come to truly understand Mr. Jackson’s frustrations as I battle a couple of evil corporations myself. Mr. Jackson spoke about how Michael was manipulated by the industry. You see Mr. Jackson […]

  4. […] should pay corporate tax. – […]

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  6. […] crisis triggered by Boko Haram on the people of Nigeria.  So in a coordinated move by the EU and Corporate Media the world is fooled into believing that the Europeans are great humanitarians helping the Syrians […]

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