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Give Unto Caesar

Churches should pay corporate tax. – @OgbeniAyotunde

8 thoughts on “Give Unto Caesar

  1. if churches paid taxes then there would be no incentive to pretend they care about helping the poor and GOD himself 🙂

    1. Then you have these mega pastors in Nigeria making fortune500 CEO money with a fleet of private jets, mansions and luxury cars. They are equally as corrupt as the corporate CEOs and politicians.

      1. business as usual in the world of corporate greed

  2. I agree with realeyezlife’s comment, I think a corporate tax will financially hurt smaller churches, these smaller churches have difficulty maintaining the essentials such as the cost of maintaining the building, fixtures, etc., having to pay property/real estate tax is high enough, if “they” have to pay corporate tax, these small churches will not survive. Some churches “love” to help the community in every way possible. They want to help their members who may need assistance with food, shelter, and clothing as well as their “neighbors” who have the same problems.

    1. Unfortunately Casey the smaller churches in Nigeria are just another form of a cheap hustle. Walk down any poor class neighborhood and you will find small churches in makeshift structures, living rooms, restaurant or shops. The pastors that run these churches are nothing but predators preying on the poor, desperate and uneducated.

      They lack the education or knowledge to interpret the bible in effect creating christians with extreme interpretations of the bible. In Cameroun the state now license churches.

      1. In US we have this problem but it’s usually with extremely large churches…these large churches the pastor’s and his “appointed followers” become greedy and forget the purpose that the “church” is suppose to provide…they tend to make a “bad name” for these smaller churches that are really trying to help the community.

  3. Seeeing as in Nigeria they are seen as symbols of Western Learning and therefore need to be protected by the armed forces = they should peraps make a contribution. For those of us who remember Desmond Tutu during apartheid, he was a minor figure who grew in status with his cleansing by the Nobel Peace Prize committee. Bah – organised religion stinks.

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