I am not waiting for the international media BBC, CNN or Al Jazeera to validate the results of the Nigerian general elections. BBC and Al Jazeera have called this a very tight race, nothing could be further from the truth. Truth is this election for me and I believe for millions of Nigerians is about cleaning that foul stench of corruption that has stuck on Nigeria for decades.

Corruption has become a national embarrassment and Muhammadu Buhari seems to be the only guy with the record and stomach to do something about it. President Goodluck Jonathan went around the country playing word games trying to redefine the meaning of corruption while Buhari stood his ground on fighting it. You see the Yorubas say omi eko eko ni while the Americans say if it tastes like shit and smells like shit it must be shit.

Nigerians in the diaspora believe that these for profit corporate news organizations run by racist billionaires the likes of Rupert Murdoch actual give two fucks about them. These corporate pimps are only there to sensationalize and make news and what better way than to claim it is a tight race thereby leaving room for trouble. – @OgbeniAyotunde