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Honor Amongst Cops & Robbers

The world was caught in a mystified glare at the images of Nigerian lawmakers scaling fences and gates as they break into the National Assembly. It all started after the Speaker of the House Aminu Waziri Tambuwal defected from the ruling party PDP to the opposition APC.

You see the PDP is run mob style, once you are a “made man” you just don’t quit and take your services to the next family. So in true Gambino fashion President Goodluck Jonathan ordered “muscle” in the form of Nigerian Police Force (NPF) to prevent the Speaker and other lawmakers from entering the National Assembly.

Hon Kawu Sumaila Deputy Minority Leader House Of Representatives
Hon Kawu Sumaila Deputy Minority Leader House Of Representatives

A President many claim is weak and timid has sure had his way bullying his opponents while sailing with ease through way too many corruption allegations of his own. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the Governor of the Central Bank accused the administration of fraud in a scheme were billions of dollars were allegedly transferred by the administration into private accounts. The president immediately fired Sanusi on trumped up charges, and had Sanusi Lamido Sanusi on the run, until saved by the bell when crowned the Emir of Kano.

Then there are the oil subsidy fraud allegations against billionaire Femi Otedola a close friend and coconspirator of the president and other Dons of the “Oil Cabal”. This is the same “Oil Cabal” that kidnapped the finance minister Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s mother for ransom for trying to end the oil subsidy fraud, which made the cabal billions of dollars.

Nigeria Lawmaker Breaking Into The National Assembly
Nigeria Lawmaker Breaking Into The National Assembly

Femi Otedola allegedly gave a bribe of $500,000 to Hon Farouk Lawan a respected member of the House who headed the investigating committee into the fraud allegations. He managed to capture the alleged transaction in a self-produced video recording.  Femi Otedola also allegedly bribed the secretary of the committee Boniface Emenlo $120,000 in installments of $20,000 and $100,000. All conspirators are moving around the world freely, while in Nigeria under the protection of the NPF.

There was the announcement by Aso Rock that a ceasefire and agreement to release the 200plus kidnapped girls of Chibok was reached by the administration and Boko Haram, that was months ago yet Boko Haram continues to bomb and displace masses of Nigerians indiscriminately.

SEP 1962 – Diary Of Western Nigeria’s Political Crisis – As parliamentarians in the Western House of Assembly riot, some MPs seek any means of exit. This record of the crisis in Western Nigeria serves as a reminder that we must never again allow political difference to get so disastrously out of hand. ( Photograph by Matthew Faji ©BAHA)
SEP 1962 – Diary Of Western Nigeria’s Political Crisis – As parliamentarians in the Western House of Assembly riot, some MPs seek any means of exit. This record of the crisis in Western Nigeria serves as a reminder that we must never again allow political difference to get so disastrously out of hand. ( Photograph by Matthew Faji ©BAHA)

Then there were the illegal arms deals involving Aso Rock, the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria Ayodele Joseph Oritsejafor, private jets, millions of dollars in cash and illegal arms dealers in South Africa.

Through this laundry list of allegations President Goodluck Jonathan had the Honorables and his opposition house trained like toothless dogs scared to bark at the president, unable to impeach the president. President Jonathan wields such power and control over the House and his opposition for the one simple fact that Nigerian runs on a Federal system.

Governors, senators, ministers, obas, chiefs, thieves, pastors are all protected by the NPF. So while the honorable senators, ministers and governors are rolling to their churches or mosques with their NPF security detail, picking up bribe money in “Ghana Must Go” bags or having rendezvous with their many side chicks on the peoples dollars intelligence is gathered by the NPF, a federal agency.

The average Nigerian believes the NPF are a bunch of bribe collecting mumus daily harassing the average citizen, yes that is true but then they are also very good at gathering and reporting intelligence, you know it takes a thief to catch a thief. Eventually the information gathered purely for political blackmail purposes makes it’s way to the Oga Pata Pata.

Ogbeni Ayotunde


16 thoughts on “Honor Amongst Cops & Robbers

  1. If this was not pathetically silly in it’s seriousness – okay by that I am holding my tongue firmly against my cheek – I’d be on the floor filling the place with the sound of laughter. “True Gambino style” indeed, the money changing hands is relatively speaking minuscule insofar as corrupt politicians are concerned (hell on ‘K’ Street back in D. C. That’d laugh at those sums) I do find myself shaking my head over my boyo Goodluck however, perhaps Madame P. is indeed pulling the strings and orchestrating events – including the debacle regarding the defections – too often, the people are deluded in thinking their leaders (elected and appointed as well as ‘religious’) are more concerned with their financial benefits and largesse and seek greener pastures whilst abandoning any semblance of honesty “it takes a thief to catch a thief” is true, but said thief knows the pursuer as well as the means to abate the chase. Intelligence agency spy on everybody and that fact is common knowledge, so the ‘money bags’ stay at the ready/disposal of the cabals of the president, his cronies, his foreign backers (and yes, even Goodluck is a lackey of London) and doubt me not; Boko Haram as well, they have not exceeded their brief yet when the army decides they have served the purpose for which they have been allowed to exercise then the “chickens will come home to roost” until then my friend, this little foray into democracy (yeah, right) will continue to frustrate, disappoint and infuriate those of you who seek and demand better

    1. Baba I still find myself laughing out loud alone in my studio at the images and what comedy sketches I could come up with, btw nothing like laughing alone. Boy the sketches Nigerian comedian Moses Olaiya aka Baba Sala could make with them.

      Unfortunately Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo took care of the military, they will never have the chance to come at a civilian government like Buhari did when he saw the excesses during the Shagari administration. Of course you can bet your bottom dollar the Americans are pulling Jonathan’s coat on how to run the Boko Haram campaign and keep the military sterile.

      Goodluck cannot afford to keep a well trained and equipped military to fight Boko Haram, one because the US is afraid that a well equipped and trained Nigerian military may turn on the civilian government down the line. They have many examples of that in Afghanistan, Iraq and such hence the pussyfooting by Jonathan arming the military by sending his senior pastor Ayo to South Africa to buy “weapons” from some illegal arms dealers.

      You right with the boys on K Street, when many will deny knowing Jack Abramoff I can tell you he is a friend, back when I used to dribble in DC. There is absolutely no comparison in the fishscales used in counting that Dick’s money you know the one that used Haliburton to raid the Iraqi oil fields.

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