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A Femi Otedola Production

So Nigerian legislator Farouk Lawan has been charged for allegedly collecting $500,000 of a $3m bribe from oil billionaire Femi Otedola, to remove his company Zenon, from the list of companies that scammed the Nigerian people out of billions in that famous oil subsidy scam. His partner in crime Emenalo Boniface was charged for accepting $120,000 of the $3m bribe.

A high stakes production. Lights, camera, action directed and produced by Femi Otedola and Goodluck Jonathan. This cats have been watching too much Nollywood.

5 thoughts on “A Femi Otedola Production

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  2. Femi Otedola produce am, now who go market am?

    1. Lol Goodluck Jonathan

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