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The Land of Make Believe

“Terrorist” is a code word coined by the Western world and an interchangeable word for Muslim, so if they want to call you a terrorist they accuse you of being a Muslim. This became mainstream culture when Barack Obama became President. Just yesterday one of my readers accused Barack Obama of being a homosexual who killed his 3 gay lovers and a state sponsor of terror.

“Why would you call Obama’s paid Boko Haram mercenaries is amazing? Christians are being murdered en masse are they not?”

“Obama killed his three gay lovers”

“You are wrong about Travon Martin. He was attacking a man who defended himself. Ferguson Cop defended himself. The black witness who supported the cops’ statement was murdered in the Ferguson Riots paid for by Obama’s favorite liberal white billionaire. My relatives never had slaves. No hated crime from anyone belonging to the Human Race. Boko Haram is wrong to massacre Christians, or anybody for that fact.”

Here is the link to the full transcript

It is expected that in a colonized nation with millions of people living in extreme poverty there will be politicians and religious leaders who prey on this poor and uneducated population. These criminals disguised as politicians and religious leaders emulating what their European masters do are House Niggers.

Imagine if Muhammadu Buhari flew around the world with Hausa/Fulani Imams, consults his Imam of the day every time he needs to take a piss, visits the mosque everyday to bow down to the Imam, goes to Mecca to pray after Boko Haram massacred 2000 people in Baga Borno, sends his Senior Imam to Pakistan to buy military weapons, hires consultants who on his election team who hate Southern Nigerians, declares his goal is not to jail people who steal from the government, declares stealing is not corruption and that he can’t jail everybody. In a sense saying everyone in the country are thieves.

If he had to arrest everybody that means the EFCC would have to arrest him, his wife, all his pastor friends, Femi Otedola, Femi Fani-Kayode, governors, senators, their wives, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, cousins excluding the general population of Nigeria who have zero access to 1kobo in the Central Bank.

Dr. Jonathan’s logic of compassion for criminals is self-serving when the criminal is he, his family, and friends and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Nigerians. When hundreds of girls get burnt alive in their dormitories, when hundreds of girls get kidnapped and you lie and squander their lives away and when the world looks in horror and disgust at your absolute weakness as President.

Do we really expect a man with no appetite to fight corrupt politicians to fight Boko Haram? Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha whom Goodluck Jonathan succeeded as Governor of Bayelsa State after he was arrested in London for money laundering and extradited to Nigeria was convicted and served a prison term only to be set free and pardoned by Goodluck Jonathan is back on the campaign trail again under the PDP banner with the slogan “Tested and Trusted”

Hajia Mai Talle Tara
Hajia Mai Talle Tara (Image courtesy of Aishat Alubankudi)

Meanwhile on the campaign trail Muhammadu Buhari was meeting with 90yr old Hajia Mai Talle Tara who waited for 9hrs patiently at the Buhari campaign rally in Birnin Kebbi. She gave Buhari 1million naira a donation to his campaign and her life savings an event moving Buhari to tears.

Buhari is labeled a terrorist and a Boko Haram sponsor by the Goodluck Jonathan administration just the same way the racist neo-cons tried to label President Obama a terrorist. That is just the way House Niggers behave. You see they do everything to please their masters they starve and steal from their people only to keep their stolen money in their masters’ banks overseas.

Last Sunday after meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry in Lagos Goodluck Jonathan hightailed it to the headquarters of the Winners Chapel in Ota Ogun State to beg for prayers from the church Bishop David Oyedepo and his muguns I mean followers. He must have got bad news from the Americans for getting a double shot of the Bishop’s prayers by attended two services.

When the crooked Bishop asked his followers to stand up and pray for Jonathan’s re-election many refused to stand up leading Bishop Oyedepo to dangle the Keys of hell in front of those who refused to pray for Jonathan. He promised to open the gates of hell for those who refused to pray for Jonathan. Winners Chapel good to know your Bishop is so intimate with the devil he carries his pass key.

You see these so called men of God who claim to lead the way to heaven also carry the master keys to hell. If an Imam was caught preaching such hostile gospel he is automatically labeled a terrorist. Amazing how Christian’s getaway with terroristic acts without being labeled terrorists.

In a scheme to cover up stolen state funds Goodluck Jonathan attempted to buy American manufactured helicopters from Israel, a deal promptly denied by President Obama. The real Spring Revolution is happening in Nigeria and I along with President Muhammadu Buhari and 175million Nigerians will (May 29th 2015 maybe) be welcoming President Barack Obama on his first state visit to Nigeria. Ogbeni Ayotunde


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Honor Amongst Cops & Robbers

The world was caught in a mystified glare at the images of Nigerian lawmakers scaling fences and gates as they break into the National Assembly. It all started after the Speaker of the House Aminu Waziri Tambuwal defected from the ruling party PDP to the opposition APC.

You see the PDP is run mob style, once you are a “made man” you just don’t quit and take your services to the next family. So in true Gambino fashion President Goodluck Jonathan ordered “muscle” in the form of Nigerian Police Force (NPF) to prevent the Speaker and other lawmakers from entering the National Assembly.

Hon Kawu Sumaila Deputy Minority Leader House Of Representatives
Hon Kawu Sumaila Deputy Minority Leader House Of Representatives

A President many claim is weak and timid has sure had his way bullying his opponents while sailing with ease through way too many corruption allegations of his own. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the Governor of the Central Bank accused the administration of fraud in a scheme were billions of dollars were allegedly transferred by the administration into private accounts. The president immediately fired Sanusi on trumped up charges, and had Sanusi Lamido Sanusi on the run, until saved by the bell when crowned the Emir of Kano.

Then there are the oil subsidy fraud allegations against billionaire Femi Otedola a close friend and coconspirator of the president and other Dons of the “Oil Cabal”. This is the same “Oil Cabal” that kidnapped the finance minister Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s mother for ransom for trying to end the oil subsidy fraud, which made the cabal billions of dollars.

Nigeria Lawmaker Breaking Into The National Assembly
Nigeria Lawmaker Breaking Into The National Assembly

Femi Otedola allegedly gave a bribe of $500,000 to Hon Farouk Lawan a respected member of the House who headed the investigating committee into the fraud allegations. He managed to capture the alleged transaction in a self-produced video recording.  Femi Otedola also allegedly bribed the secretary of the committee Boniface Emenlo $120,000 in installments of $20,000 and $100,000. All conspirators are moving around the world freely, while in Nigeria under the protection of the NPF.

There was the announcement by Aso Rock that a ceasefire and agreement to release the 200plus kidnapped girls of Chibok was reached by the administration and Boko Haram, that was months ago yet Boko Haram continues to bomb and displace masses of Nigerians indiscriminately.

SEP 1962 – Diary Of Western Nigeria’s Political Crisis – As parliamentarians in the Western House of Assembly riot, some MPs seek any means of exit. This record of the crisis in Western Nigeria serves as a reminder that we must never again allow political difference to get so disastrously out of hand. ( Photograph by Matthew Faji ©BAHA)
SEP 1962 – Diary Of Western Nigeria’s Political Crisis – As parliamentarians in the Western House of Assembly riot, some MPs seek any means of exit. This record of the crisis in Western Nigeria serves as a reminder that we must never again allow political difference to get so disastrously out of hand. ( Photograph by Matthew Faji ©BAHA)

Then there were the illegal arms deals involving Aso Rock, the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria Ayodele Joseph Oritsejafor, private jets, millions of dollars in cash and illegal arms dealers in South Africa.

Through this laundry list of allegations President Goodluck Jonathan had the Honorables and his opposition house trained like toothless dogs scared to bark at the president, unable to impeach the president. President Jonathan wields such power and control over the House and his opposition for the one simple fact that Nigerian runs on a Federal system.

Governors, senators, ministers, obas, chiefs, thieves, pastors are all protected by the NPF. So while the honorable senators, ministers and governors are rolling to their churches or mosques with their NPF security detail, picking up bribe money in “Ghana Must Go” bags or having rendezvous with their many side chicks on the peoples dollars intelligence is gathered by the NPF, a federal agency.

The average Nigerian believes the NPF are a bunch of bribe collecting mumus daily harassing the average citizen, yes that is true but then they are also very good at gathering and reporting intelligence, you know it takes a thief to catch a thief. Eventually the information gathered purely for political blackmail purposes makes it’s way to the Oga Pata Pata.

Ogbeni Ayotunde