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Money doesn’t change you only changes the people around you.

3 thoughts on “Money doesn’t change you only changes the people around you.

  1. Be it good or bad, the great philosopher Randall Moss put it best when he stated unequivocally what it was all about: “straight cash homey”

    1. Yes sir Randy “The Freak” Moss my favorite receiver. Played it his way.

      1. For reasons known only to (true) black men in this country, #81 will always be “the best there is, the best that was, the best there ever will be” My mention of the term “true black men” could be misconstrued as a reference/slight to those who say with disdain comments about others ‘hating’ because a brother is “not black enough” without appreciating the point behind THEIR words! Mr. Moss is all about Rand West Virginia, my negro never forgets where he (and other brothers) come from, completely not what you find in negroes like the (‘steppin fetchit’ clones) on ESPN, socially ignorant defenders of their paychecks, very much pathetically – in my opinion – acquiescing to whatever (often blatant) derisive commentary foisted upon the black commentary by their white overlords (show producers/upper management) disparaging remarks that are not checked, challenged and/or corrected beyond fact, Chris Carter, Tom Jackson, Ray Lewis (wonder if Ray Lewis ever watches what his ‘pals’ said about him during his Atlanta travails) Randy Moss knows what was said about him on ESPN and how damaging their vindictive actions were to his bottom line, unlike the dick-weeds on ESPN, Brother Moss never accepted the bullshit apology offered by lips that lie because they can, I’m pretty sure he remembers what happened to him in the sports media, (led strongly by ESPN) and how they denigrated him from his high school days (and hell yes, he owns his mistakes, never denied them, never backed away from them) through his collegiate endeavors, and along every step of his professional career. Now that he’s in the field of sports broadcasting, to date, (never know what time will bring I admit) he doesn’t play the dump on niggahs game the jackals of ESPN play and the numb-nuts who he currently works with on Fox. Randy Moss so far, in my eyes at any rate, is a negro to be appreciated, not for his football talents, nor his broadcast skills, nope Randy Moss should be admired/respected because Randy Moss deserves it for being (and staying) “Black Enough” – “straight cash homey” –

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