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Up Against The Wall

The President of Nigeria, Senators, Representatives and government appointees are some of the highest paid amongst their peers. Yet 90% of the elected and appointed officials lack the qualification and experience needed. They are there strictly to stack racks through stealing and cronyism. When the time comes for them to be voted out or show some accountability they doggedly hold on to the job like two dogs stuck. They become clowns in a circus trying to cover up their tracks, their MO is always the same

You see in Nigeria stealing government money is the easiest part of the job you don’t need a masters or doctorate degree, in Nigeria degrees and titles are used to masquerade themselves and dazzle the people believing the people are not educated enough to see they are thieves disguised as leaders. – Ogbeni Ayotunde


7 thoughts on “Up Against The Wall

  1. So much greed and injustice. I wish peace for Nigeria and a fair government – wish we had one here. Man can be so cruel.

    1. The level of greed is incredible they are busy looting and playing politics with the lives of these young girls.

      1. We despair – why does the human embrace conflict so readily and inflict pain so easily and wantonly. Your work is really important. I wish you well.

  2. they sound like a bunch of politicians from my hometown of new york city…every other day, another one is going to jail for corruption, bribery, etc…and I’m not even going to mention the criminals on wall street 🙂

    1. The criminals on Wall Street use the politicians as proxy.

      1. true 🙂

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