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#SuperTuesday — On @CNN I shared why I’m supporting @BernieSanders and not @HillaryClinton.


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Sam DuBose Not Just Another Nigger

Samuel DuBose’s sister responds.

University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted on a murder charge in the shooting death of Samuel DuBose. CNN’s Don Lemon

Body cam footage has been released in the traffic stop shooting death of Sam DuBose by a University of Cincinnati police officer. CNN’s Jason Carroll reports.

Open casket funeral for Samuel Dubose killed by Cincinnati Cop Ray Tensing.


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President Muhammadu Buhari

I am not waiting for the international media BBC, CNN or Al Jazeera to validate the results of the Nigerian general elections. BBC and Al Jazeera have called this a very tight race, nothing could be further from the truth. Truth is this election for me and I believe for millions of Nigerians is about cleaning that foul stench of corruption that has stuck on Nigeria for decades.

Corruption has become a national embarrassment and Muhammadu Buhari seems to be the only guy with the record and stomach to do something about it. President Goodluck Jonathan went around the country playing word games trying to redefine the meaning of corruption while Buhari stood his ground on fighting it. You see the Yorubas say omi eko eko ni while the Americans say if it tastes like shit and smells like shit it must be shit.

Nigerians in the diaspora believe that these for profit corporate news organizations run by racist billionaires the likes of Rupert Murdoch actual give two fucks about them. These corporate pimps are only there to sensationalize and make news and what better way than to claim it is a tight race thereby leaving room for trouble. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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Press This

President Goodluck Jonathan and his gang of educated fools are doing a good job of gagging the Nigerian press on Boko Haram. What use is it that everyone in the world knows what is going on in Nigeria except Nigerians?

We rely on information from BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and SABC while our news journalists pander to the highest paying politicians and crooks of the day. It is no secret that the majority of Nigerian newsmen and women are on the take.

The general practice of major news organizations getting paid to cover news events totally undermines the credibility of these organizations. Payola is normal everyday business so all news outlets in Nigeria are paid stooges in the same way.

I had a heated debate with a couple of “pressmen” on their lack of ethics and integrity, they like everyone else that call themselves journalists because they can flash an ID card issued by the Nigerian government that says so, invoke the name of Dele Giwa as if they rehearsed their talking point.

“You want them to letter bomb me” I wonder if these cats understand we are in the digital age, emails, texts and social media even India finally sent out their last telegraph. So the only way they could be “letter bombed” is if the bomb is in a “Ghana must go bag”. They rather live dishonest lives than die honest men, while their opposition live to die “honest” in a live to let live world.

I watched an address last year to the Nigerian press core by the minster of information Mr. Labaran Maku instructing them to ignore Boko Haram. He advised them that Boko Haram is seeking attention so the press should be good citizens and do their best to ignore them. I wonder if the strategy is to continue ignoring them. Maybe the killing of 30 people in the dormitories of Government Secondary School Mamudo Village would make them rethink their stance or maybe that proven tactics of ignoring your enemy will eventual work for President Goodluck Jonathan and Nigerians

We have dealt with electric blackouts for decades in Nigeria while Ghana celebrates decades of steady electric supply. Seems to me Nigerians will be dealing with decades of news blackouts. It is no longer a game of fat cats and mice between the presidency and the press it is a game of rats.

Ogbeni Ayotunde