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The Yoruba Ewi Music Sounds of Remi and Aremu.


Just when I thought there was nothing exciting in the music industry, I came upon Remi and Aremu. They come with the freshest sounds, style and talent to setoff a revolution on the music scene. @OgbeniAyotunde

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If man were responsible for your success

“Ka ni eniyan lo gbe e dey ibi to wa yi, wan ti mura lati gun ke Aladano”

If man were responsible for your success they will be ready to climb the Hill of Destruction for your downfall.

-Yoruba Proverb

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Yoruba Proverb

You don’t get mad at your head and wear your hat on your feet. – Yoruba Proverb

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Yoruba Proverb

A cow that refuses to walk into the slaughter house will be carried in by the butcher. – Yoruba Proverb

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Juju Films spent the last 5 years capturing and documenting in digital & analog formats the people, places and landscapes of Nigeria. With natural waterfalls, springs, monoliths, mountains, valleys, lush rain forests and savannah, native animal and plant life, we discovered the hidden dynamic beauty of a people rich in cultural and natural resources.

It has become increasingly difficult within the past couple of years to freely move around Nigeria to capture these amazing images due to terrorism in parts of the country today. This is a problem affecting the ways of life of many ethnic and cultural groups in the country today.

Back Road
Back Road

Security considerations have dramatically increased our daily operating expenses. Through this project we came to realize we simply could not disassociate ourselves from the humanitarian issues facing the people we photograph and document.

We seek donations and pledges to offset these cost (no minimum amount requirement).

Thank you kindly for your consideration.

 Juju Films Crew Nigeria