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Would you believe a man who tells you he can walk on the River Niger and path the river so Biafrans can flee from the oppressive land of Nigeria into the promised land of Biafra? – @OgbeniAyotunde

Would you believe a man who tells you he can walk on the River Niger and path the river so Biafrans can flee from the oppressive land of Nigeria into the promised land of Biafra? – @OgbeniAyotunde

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An Ignorant man walks with an invisible cane.

The other day I had a conversation with an Igbo man in Los Angeles and I walked away with a feeling that the Igbo people have a renewed sense of hostility towards the Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani people based on nothing but pure ignorance fermented by those in the diaspora.

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Biafra, Always Remember 

Biafra, Always Remember

The Biafra agitation movement are quick to accept Jesus as their God.

But will never accept their fellow Nigerians as their brothers and sisters. – @OgbeniAyotunde
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Zoologist Nnamdi Kanu

Only a country led by a fool, will allow a mad man like Nnamdi Kanu walk free, on any part of this earth.


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Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

I hear Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters are lamenting that the Nigerian govt is denying him Justice. Lol.

Its only a stupid fool, that will expect justice from a system he doesn’t respect. 

I have learnt a few things this year.

“Whatever you think, Nigeria is, that is what it will be to you. 

If you think and believe, Nigeria is a zoo, and you are inside Nigeria, you will get a zoo treatment.

If you think, and believe that Nigeria, is a paradise, so will it treat you.” @EnoBekeIkwen

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Suicide Missionaries 


Africa has been under Foriegn invasion since The Roman Empire took down The Egyptian Empire, using the bible to destroy the legacy of the great Pharaohs.

The New World Order and The Manifest Destiny are policies that keep Africans the most endangered species in the history of this planet.

It is no secret that Islam has taken the biggest chunk of Africa by force. The Western controlled media are busy televising Africans slaughtering each other in the name of a Foriegn god. Understand that there is nothing like a peaceful religious conversion. 

In the African continent you are forced to choose one of two Foriegn gods. Africa is still very much an enslaved continent making rethinkers like Baba Robert Mugabe look like a mad man and a Yaba Left patient for rethinking outside the box.

Every free rethinking African like Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Fela Kuti, Ken Saro-Wiwa are taken out by the Western world.

The Western controlled Christian Media will lead you to believe that Christianity is a saintly religion. Pope Francis is greeted in Africa like a living god. Yes so we Africans still fall for shiny objects.

Christians also need to carve out Christian Nations in Africa so Africa is in the middle of another Christian Crusade. 

Millions of Sudanese are duped into hating themselves and millions more were killed for the Christian Nation of South Sudan.

A couple of decades ago there was the ethnic cleansing orchestrated and managed by the missionaries in Rwanda and Burundi. 

Millions of Africans were brutally slaughtered. Hollywood made a movie which earned Don Cheadle an Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor.

Nigeria is next on the hit list and the MO is still from the same playbook. One tribe is fooled into believing they are superior and yet marginalized by the other tribes.

The Igbos believe they are smarter yet marginalized by the Yoruba, Hausa/Fulani tribes. You see Christians believe that Christianity is civilization. So they agitate and slaughter for a Foriegn god. – @OgbeniAyotunde 

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Nnamdi Kanu’s Agitation For Biafra 

Okwu-Kanu, Nnamdi Kanu’s wife, wants the world to know that her husband is sleeping on a bare floor. That Nnamdi Kanu now looks more like a ghost, with a deteriorating health. She sobs and narrates of her being eight months pregnant. Africa Issue

Mrs Nnamdi, your husband hasn’t gone about things the right way. If you truly acknowledge that this is the era of democracy, why is your husband trying to drive home his point and achieve his agenda through hate speeches and violence? Do we need another war? Do people have to die senseless deaths before Biafra becomes a reality? Have we learnt our mistakes from history? And if we have, are we not supposed to make and take the right decisions to prevent history from repeating itself? You say there is no hope in Nigeria. By what means did you arrive at your conclusion? Is the hope in Biafra then? Can Biafra really stand on its own as a nation? Will Biafra consist of just the Ibo speaking tribes of the present day Nigeria, or will she include other states like Delta and Akwa Ibom? I am a Igbo girl by descent and after weighing things objectively, my take on this issue is to give this Biafra talk a rest! Nigeria can work as one nation. If you must continue to talk about getting Biafra, then I suggest your husband should discuss with Intellectuals who share his ideologies and present their agenda to the house of Assembly. Whatever you do, you must not encourage hatred and violence. And you must respect the present day government. He who comes to Equity must come with clean hands. @NnekaNatalie

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Look how difficult it is for Nnamdi Kanu to gain his freedom, yet he is trying to gain a country. Maybe he thinks he is Mandela. – @OgbeniAyotunde