Okwu-Kanu, Nnamdi Kanu’s wife, wants the world to know that her husband is sleeping on a bare floor. That Nnamdi Kanu now looks more like a ghost, with a deteriorating health. She sobs and narrates of her being eight months pregnant. Africa Issue

Mrs Nnamdi, your husband hasn’t gone about things the right way. If you truly acknowledge that this is the era of democracy, why is your husband trying to drive home his point and achieve his agenda through hate speeches and violence? Do we need another war? Do people have to die senseless deaths before Biafra becomes a reality? Have we learnt our mistakes from history? And if we have, are we not supposed to make and take the right decisions to prevent history from repeating itself? You say there is no hope in Nigeria. By what means did you arrive at your conclusion? Is the hope in Biafra then? Can Biafra really stand on its own as a nation? Will Biafra consist of just the Ibo speaking tribes of the present day Nigeria, or will she include other states like Delta and Akwa Ibom? I am a Igbo girl by descent and after weighing things objectively, my take on this issue is to give this Biafra talk a rest! Nigeria can work as one nation. If you must continue to talk about getting Biafra, then I suggest your husband should discuss with Intellectuals who share his ideologies and present their agenda to the house of Assembly. Whatever you do, you must not encourage hatred and violence. And you must respect the present day government. He who comes to Equity must come with clean hands. @NnekaNatalie