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Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

I hear Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters are lamenting that the Nigerian govt is denying him Justice. Lol.

Its only a stupid fool, that will expect justice from a system he doesn’t respect. 

I have learnt a few things this year.

“Whatever you think, Nigeria is, that is what it will be to you. 

If you think and believe, Nigeria is a zoo, and you are inside Nigeria, you will get a zoo treatment.

If you think, and believe that Nigeria, is a paradise, so will it treat you.” @EnoBekeIkwen

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  2. Nigeria is what it is regardless of what we think. Or how are we going to explain the killing of innocent Shi’ites in Zaria, the Odi massacres during Obasanjo’s time, the Ugep massacres or the Zaki-Biam killings? Was that a ‘lack of respect for the law’ too?
    Perhaps, we should think justice into existence for Nigeria since it is sorely lacking in that area. How quickly we forget our own history; no wonder we’re doomed to repeat it.

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