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Zoologist Nnamdi Kanu

Only a country led by a fool, will allow a mad man like Nnamdi Kanu walk free, on any part of this earth.


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Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

I hear Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters are lamenting that the Nigerian govt is denying him Justice. Lol.

Its only a stupid fool, that will expect justice from a system he doesn’t respect. 

I have learnt a few things this year.

“Whatever you think, Nigeria is, that is what it will be to you. 

If you think and believe, Nigeria is a zoo, and you are inside Nigeria, you will get a zoo treatment.

If you think, and believe that Nigeria, is a paradise, so will it treat you.” @EnoBekeIkwen

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Tukur Yusuf Buratai, Nigeria’s Top Army Officer

Tukur Yusuf Buratai

Those waiting and wailing for your sack will wail and wait forever.This is the best soldier that we have at the moment. 

If he made a mistake, his good deeds, overwhelms those mistakes. 

Those men that blocked that road that day, would have killed him, if they had the chance. His instict saved him. They have tried to kill him before and have failed. Now they want his sack.

I love him.

He is the best man to end insurgency and help the country fight the numerous mad men we have threatening the peace of this country. – @EnoBekeIkwen