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Last night, I learnt one thing

I learnt never to reveal to my girlfriend any embarrassing experience I’ve had in the past. Else, she will use the story to taunt me to no end.

Anyway, this is the story I told her.
Back in my secondary school days, I once skipped dorm to visit my girlfriend at the time. She was based in Abuja.

I boarded a “night bus” at Jibowu en route Abuja. If my memory serves me right, it was ABC Transport line. I think.
Anyway, the bus departed from Lagos at about 9pm.

And, so began the fateful trip.
The luxury bus was not full. So, empty seats abound.

Interestingly, a massively endowed chic came and sat in the empty seat beside mine. Her boobs were half way out of her revealing dress. Her bra could hardly hold the pair in place.

She made an interesting company. We discussed on a range of topics – from music to movies to relationships.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I woke up from a deep slumber at about 11am the following morning.
I woke up sprawled on one of the benches in the departure lounge of ABC park in Abuja.

My wallet was nowhere to be found. My designer Nike trainers had developed wings. My Swatch wristwatch – a big deal at the time – was gone.

The bag which contained the gift pack intended for my girlfriend also made a disappearance.
My companion, the big-breasted chic, was nowhere to be found!
Simply, I was stranded in an unfamiliar territory.

Anyway, the staff of ABC Transport line were very kind. They contributed for me some amount of cash. It was sufficient to take me to my girlfriend’s location.

One of the boys loading luggage into the buses was also magnanimous enough to part with his bathroom slippers.
It was an experience to be remembered.

However, the experience taught me very salient lessons. One of which I still adhere to till this very day. And that lesson is that:
It’s not all nipple of any boob you encounter that you suck.
Some nipples are coated with very potent sleeping drugs! – @EccentricRowland 

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